Why the Media Can’t Tell the Truth about Trump

As far I can tell the world is in a much worse place after eight years of President Obama. China, Russia, Iran and Cuba are stronger. The Middle East is in shambles. Terrorism deaths are higher and the world has a massive refugee crisis. I can think of nowhere that the U.S. is better off today after eight years of Obama, Hillary and Kerry. Isn't it time to give new ideas and a man accomplished throughout the world a chance?

Not for the legacy media and its Democrat clients.

I remember when George W. Bush was in office and the Congo and Darfur were of extreme importance to Hollywood and the media. As soon as Obama took office these people and countries were no longer important. Isn't that telling?

The media and Democrats will be opposed to almost anyone Trump picks for any office or any action he announces.  They will twist 180 degrees in order to attack him. Senator Obama, Hillary Clinton, almost all Democrats and the media all called the CIA and other intelligence agencies liars on WMD's in Iraq. President Obama continues to say that the CIA gave him faulty intelligence on ISIS.  But if President-elect Trump questions the CIA on reports of Russia interfering in the election and the media, Democrats and some Republicans are up in arms.  They vilify anyone questioning the Intelligence agencies and treat this as if this would be the first time it the CIA getting something wrong ever happened.

It is fake news by the NYT, WaPo and other media outlets to state or imply that Russia supported Trump because they didn't release hacked emails from the RNC. The RNC wasn't hacked, so how could they have released them? Facts haven't meant anything to most of the media for a long time because they have an agenda to push.

Isn't it amazing that President Obama, the media, the intelligence agencies, the Democrats and the Justice Department had such little concern about all the people that sent classified information through Hillary's non-secure email server all of a sudden have concern about hacking? President Obama even sent emails to her private email account, lied about knowing about her private server, and then said he absolutely had no concern about the nation's security with Hillary's obvious breaking of the law. Now all of a sudden the media, Democrats and the President think the DNC hacking is much more important. We can obviously see their priorities and it is not the American peoples' safety.

President Obama repeatedly trashed fossil fuel companies, banks, investment banks, insurance companies, drug companies, physicians, and others. He intentionally bankrupted coal companies and for-profit colleges. He and the Treasury Department unilaterally rewrote tax law to try to prevent companies from moving their headquarters. The media and Democrats never had a problem with any of this, but if Trump jawbones companies that is unheard of. Now that Trump has ripped into Boeing and Lockheed for costs, Democrats and the media all of a sudden care deeply about them. This is the first time I can recall that the media and Democrats are worried about government interference with corporations.

Won't it be a nice change to have a President that looks out for taxpayers? You would think everyone would be happy to have a President and cabinet that would be concerned about taxpayers’ money. Frugality is good. President Obama promised to review the budget line-by-line before he took office. He obviously stopped analyzing before he got to the first line.

The media and Democrats essentially wanted Trump to concede that he lost before the election even occurred. Now there are many that want to manipulate the Electoral College because, as petulant little children, their chosen one lost. When they don't get their way they want to change the rules. That is truly the way they treat everything.

The overall goal of the media is to destroy and delegitimize Trump before he takes office. This is in contrast to how for the past eight years they have supported President Obama no matter what he has done. Facts have made no difference. They are glad to use fake news or Democrat talking points to push the agenda. It is no wonder there is so little trust in the media. 

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