Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad

Why might the gods wish to inflict madness?  Let me cite the reasons:

Gender-fluid social justice warriors who proclaim, against the tide of human history, that male/female identity is an arbitrary social construct, in willful ignorance of how societies perpetuate themselves.

Do-gooder agents of the welfare system who tell poor women they will be rewarded for each child they produce out of wedlock, but who turn around and demand financial support for aborting any fetus who one day will be a child.

Blaming Trump's victory on white nationalists, white supremacists, angry white males, James Comey, Wikileaks, the Russians, the media and anyone else but themselves, and then having the media dishonestly report each of these factors, in turn, as the cause of Hillary Clinton's demise.

Walking through the woods near Chappaqua in hopes of an unscripted encounter with Hillary Clinton.

Naive college students who know so little and need safe spaces to feel protected from ideas, and pseudo-intellectual faculty members who fill their heads with such destructive nonsense.

U.S. efforts to imitate the EU's open-borders immigration strategy while failing to notice Europe's serious immigration problems related to social unrest, lawlessness, rape, and terrorism, and an unwillingness to acknowledge the grisly fact that open borders lead to many closed coffins.

A powerful shadow government still at work in the U.S. to undermine the Trump Presidency, even after the Electoral College vote, a problem serious enough that Trump finds it necessary to keep a private security team.

A political party that put forward as its presidential candidate one of the most disliked and ethically challenged politicians in the country, a person who lies as easily as she breathes, merely because they felt it was her turn.

A hypocritical left that claims to this day that Trump is unfit to be President and must be deposed before he takes office because, like Obama, he has no experience upon entering office but, unlike Obama, he has made billions as a real estate developer and global business entrepreneur without once having danced with Ellen Degeneres on her TV show.

A Nobel Prize winning economist who suggests that Trump is just one good terrorist attack away -- snark, snark -- from possibly gaining the same legitimacy as George W. Bush after 9/11, provided he maintains that same serious "deer in the headlights" look that Bush was accused of having.

On and on I could go.  The sickness runs deep.

Folks, the gods are not simply inflicting madness, they are mad.  Damn mad.  They are mad at the madness of modern politics.  Mad at international power players who pull the strings of politicians.  Mad at journalists who bathe in obsequious hypocrisy.  Mad at people who want civil rights only for themselves and those who agree with them. Mad at candidates who lie because truth makes them look bad.  Mad at parents and grown children who have enough sense to act sensibly but won't.  Mad at those who oppose guns as a means of self-defense against robbery, rape and murder.  And mad at Wall Street financiers who produce nothing of material value except wealth for themselves and their coterie of friends because they understand how the system works.

To rid themselves of a providential burden, the gods put their madness into these people, and the people unwittingly embrace the madness as though they invented it themselves, which, unfortunately, they did. It's a sickness, folks. A national psychodrama in need of serious drug therapy.

Donald J. Trump is their therapy.

Madmen don't know it, but he is their hope for a cure.  He is free of their malady.  That's what makes them so mad.  He owes no favors.  He is wealthy beyond need.  His children are well bred and articulate. His wife is beautiful and well educated, talented and proud, a la Jackie Kennedy, only more so for those with eyes to see.  All of Trump's inner circle can live well without the need of government supervision. That makes them dangerous to madmen. And Donald Trump himself is even more dangerous.  Why?  The answer is simple:  He doesn't share in their madness, but he knows how madness works, which propels their madness into hyperdrive.

Trump's election signaled that history finally caught up with Obama and the Clintons and today's Washington Democrats.  Just as history caught up with the British and is now catching up with Italians, and corporate media journalists, and Western Europe, and soon with Wall Street and the United States Chamber of Commerce. Donald Trump understands that nations who learn to take care of themselves are in the best position to take care of others.  Those flagellants who insist upon whipping themselves and everyone else for the sins of the past are no good to anyone.  Or relevant in any meaningful sense. They might as well howl at the moon. Rational people understand what I'm saying. The irrational won't.  The only echo chamber I'm interested in is an echo chamber bounded by fact and reason, otherwise known as common sense.  I am surrounded in that chamber by a great cloud of witnesses, to quote a biblical antecedent.  Nonsense, on the other hand, knows no such bounds. That's why it will be bounced out of the room.  But nonsense will not give up easily.  In fact, it will fight more tenaciously, to the last breath, much as Mot and Ba'al fought over the annual rights to winter and summer in the great seasonal mythology of ancient Canaan, owing to the Caananites pre-scientific wisdom. Madness eventually will give a great heave and die, only to be reborn again. That is the dynamic of social history, and why Jefferson proclaimed that the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots. Sanity must be wrenched from the clutches of madmen from one generation to the next.

Madness is manifest at both the micro and macro levels.  On the micro level, it's about such stuff as abortion and bathrooms, BLM and minimum wage laws, all of which are important on Main Street. Yet these are but shiny objects meant to divert our attention by those on Wall Street.  At their macro level, the game is about trillions of dollars related to open borders, global trade deals, oil pipelines through Turkey and carbon credits for every global economy.  They are the players who define the shape of history.  And they care little about the shiny objects that occupy tenants on Main Street. Therein lies the madness of modernity.

More will be forthcoming on these matters.  And with details of the players and the plays they are making.  This diatribe is but the prelude.

R. Stephen Bowden blogs at the Steve Bowden Journal at http://bowdenbeat.blogspot.com/

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