Watching the Fakestream Break Down

I never thought I'd see the day when U.S. political elites went stark raving mad.  But this is what Hillary Clinton told her big money donors recently.

HILLARY: Vladimir Putin himself directed the covert cyber-attacks against our electoral system, against our democracy, apparently because he has a personal beef against me.  Putin publicly blamed me for the outpouring of outrage by his own people.  And that is the direct line between what he said back then and what he did in this election.  This is not just an attack against me and my campaign, although that may have added fuel to it.  This is an attack against our country.  We are well beyond normal political concerns here.  This is about the integrity of our democracy and the security of our nation.

This is such a blatant pack of lies that no informed person believes it.  Contrary to the despicable New York Times and WaPo, which lent themselves to this farce, the CIA does not have video cameras in the Kremlin to watch Vladimir Putin‚ "himself directing the covert cyber-attacks against our electoral system."

Putin responded by calling Hillary's story "indecent," and he is right.  Somehow, after eight years of Obama, the United States has lost the moral high ground, and Vladimir Putin is beating us – not by military power, but by moral honesty.  This is an embarrassment.

What did Hillary actually mean – if anything – by saying"Putin publicly blamed me for the outpouring of outrage by his own people"?  What is she talking about?  This sounds like a phony script whipped up by Bill, Obama, and John Podesta in a five-minute phone call.  It doesn't pass the smell test, and the world knows it. 

American politics used to have a core of basic decency, but this is the worst kind of demagoguery.  Hillary is waving the bloody flag in a style the left attributes to Joe McCarthy.  Worse still, our own chief executive has backed an obviously false narrative directed against a major power, for pure domestic political gain.

The Soviet Union used to be our enemy, following the teachings of Marx, Lenin, and Stalin.  But Putin is not our enemy.  Russia is certainly a ruthless competitor, and Putin is a master of bluff.  But he is very practical, unlike Soviet ideologues.  He does not follow an ideology of world conquest, because he experienced the fall of the USSR in his own career.  He is not likely to risk a return to the failed Soviet model.  Putin's principal goal has been to restore domestic stability and some of the old power in foreign affairs.

Obama has foolishly played into Putin's hands, so that the United States has lost our major role in the Middle East, Asia, and maybe Europe.  But our common objective is for Russia to be more stable and less of a threat to others.

In fact, Putin has been publicly angling for some sort of alliance with the United States against the worldwide danger of jihad.  And yes, he has also sent this jet planes and naval ships to make provocative moves against U.S. forces and our allies.  Every year of the Cold War saw the same kind of  provocative gestures, but no sane nation benefits from nuclear instability.  Putin is a rational actor, and there is nothing to be gained from picking fights.

But Hillary and Obama are doing exactly that today, with the support of the mendacious New York Times and its ilk.

Now the Democrats are setting up a "narrative‚" (i.e., a complete pack of lies) for the domestic politics.  The story they are planting is called "Trump Stole the Election."  Al Gore tried it in Florida, but the Supreme Court turned him down.  Now Hillary and Obama are trying to plant the same story for next time.  If they succeed, the crisis of the political classes will get worse and worse, because they have lost all credibility to the American public.

So the blame-Putin-for-Trump narrative is a hoax.  Today's phony journalists went to college when postmodern leftism was all the rage.  In journalism schools, the word "narrative" (i.e., deliberate fiction) took over from truth-telling, under the headings of post-modernism and moral relativism.

The Fakestream media you and I have learned to distrust is a direct result of the seductive doctrine that you can make up your own version of the truth, just as good as the real thing.  J School students are still taught blatant nonsense today, and when they grow up, they will follow today's J professors.  The term "political correctness" was actually coined by the Soviets during the Stalin era.

The habit of P.C. lying in the USSR was immensely destructive, because the party was convinced every five years that Russian agriculture would finally be able to feed the people.  Yet agriculture always failed because it was based on lies, with every layer  of the system lying to its own bosses and subordinates. 

In an amazing irony, the Russians and Chinese have learned to value real science (not climate fraud).  Truthful information is needed for market economies to work, contrary to leftist fictioneers.  Ultimately, a regime of lies leads to suicide.

The Soviet Union fell from its own internal contradictions, and when the truth broke through in the Gorbachev era, the system collapsed.  The bubble of lies burst.

Today, we can see the same thing happening in the Fakestream.

A few Fakestream voices, like Howie Kurtz, are trying desperately to restrain the vulgar mob, but the Bamster, Hillary, and John Podesta are actually validating the most paranoid suspicions of the left.

Psychologically, there is no difference now between the Democrats and Jim Jones or Scientology.  Closed-minded utopian cults are all the same: they all follow messianic personalities like Obama and Hillary, and they all drive out any source of dissent.

But dissent and open debate are what keeps us in touch with reality, a point that applies to nations as well as individuals.  North Korea is run by a closed cult, like Iran and Saudi Arabia.  No dissent is allowed, and little by little a Party Line takes over that drifts out of touch with reality.

Because Eurosocialism is  identical to Obamanoia, we are seeing stunning parallels between the U.S. and Europe.  The same political ideology is running things over there and over here.  These people are still stuck in soft Marxism, having learned nothing from the fall of the Soviet Empire.  They are doomed to failure.

Mental disorders show up when people lose touch with reality.  What we are seeing today is a kind of madness, and if the Democrats don't fix themselves, they will fail and fail again.

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