Trump, the New York Times, and the Constitution: Who Needs an Education?

Freedom of speech is a topic upon which liberal thinking is perhaps a little idiosyncratic.  Leftists – the current attorney general of the United States being only one example – call rioting protest and invoke the First Amendment.  They discern protected speech in nude dancing, obscenities on T-shirts that refer to the draft, simulated child pornography, and panhandling on the public streets.  But they consider it outrageous that the First Amendment should protect the right of people to make a film criticizing a political figure by first forming a corporation to produce and distribute it. When we come to the specific issue of burning things as political demonstration, there are again nuances to interpret.  Liberals will not put up with Christian preachers who burn the Koran.  That is Islamophobia and hate speech.  So are films that mock the Prophet, like the one whose maker was hustled off to jail in the wake of the Benghazi massacre,...(Read Full Article)