Trump and Iran’s Achilles Heel(s)

Any entity in this world has its strong points, and its weaknesses. And there is a certain weakness, known as the Achilles Heel, which leads to a disastrous outcome.

The regime in Iran, after nearly 38 years in power, has based its entire existence and survival on two pillars of domestic crackdown and exporting a conglomerate of terrorism, extremism, and Islamic fundamentalism, under the mantra of “Islamic Revolution.”

During these four decades the international community, and especially the West, has adopted a devastating appeasement policy vis-à-vis Tehran’s mullahs. This has left the entire Middle East in ruins and rendered the birth of Daesh (ISIS/ISIL).

As Obama’s rapprochement proved to be a miserable failure, the victory of Donald Trump as President of the United States provides a major turning point and opportunity for America and the world, to start writing not a new chapter, but an entirely different book on the Middle East.

Knowing your Friends

President-elect Trump will be setting his eye on destroying Daesh as his number one international mission. To conquer this formidable challenge, Trump will need to remedy the ties President Barack Obama ruined with the Sunni Arab World to guarantee the Iran nuclear deal as his foreign policy crown jewel and legacy. This effort is crucial to prevent Iran’s expanding influence across the region, as emphasized recently by 11 Arab states to the United Nations.

The mullahs went on to take full advantage by strengthening their foothold in Lebanon, plunging Yemen into a civil war, launching a Sunni killing spree in the name of battling Daesh in Iraq, and engulfing all of Syria -- especially Aleppo -- into full-blown carnage.

If Trumps seeks success in this battle he must distance America from Iran, Russia, and Assad. The key to defeating Daesh in this flashpoint corner of the world is to establish close relations with Sunnis in the entire region.

There won’t be any need for U.S. boots on the ground, as the Sunni Arabs can provide the ground troops -- as proven in Yemen -- and America can deliver its superior air support and unmatched intelligence feeds.

Iran nourishes from fueling sectarian turmoil and chaos across the region. Standing shoulder to shoulder with the Sunni Arabs to tackle the crises plaguing the Middle East will be an arrow to one of Iran’s Achilles Heels.

For the People

Obama missed a golden opportunity during the 2009 uprisings in Iran, and yet during his tenure he provided a “golden era” for Iran’s mullahs to thrive on.

As a result, Iran used Obama’s first term to advance its controversial nuclear ambitions as far as possible, slowly fill the void after Obama’s premature troop withdrawal from Iraq, and further its domestic crackdown against the Iranian people.

Seeking to exploit Obama’s reelection, Iranian regime leader Ali Khamenei pulled Hassan Rouhani out of his ‘election’ hat to seal a nuclear deal with the Obama White House and preserve his nuclear drive to the utmost extent.

Obama’s desperate drive, on the other hand, for a nuclear deal gave Iran a green light to execute nearly 3,000 people during the tenure of “moderate” Rouhani.

Again Trump has the opportunity to right this horrendous wrong. America needs only to stand alongside the Iranian people and the organized resistance, and allow them to take it from there. Unlike many countries that experienced Arab Spring revolutions, Iran enjoys a democratic alternative with decades of experience.

The National Council of Resistance of Iran, an umbrella group of the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) and others, with its president-elect Maryam Rajavi, present a 10-point plan for the future of Iran, which enjoys unprecedented support from both sides of the aisle in Washington.

Backing the Iranian people and their opposition movement terrifies the mullahs’ regime, and acts as the second, and more dangerous arrow.

The Path Forward

All nations of the Middle East have suffered from the mullahs’ treacherous measures. Obama chose to include Iran as part of the solution, allowing the mullahs to nosedive the entire region into mayhem.

We now bear witness the disastrous results as Aleppo burns in flames, with Russian bombs raining from the sky and Iran-backed militias seeking to repeat Iraq-style massacres of Sunni communities against the residents of this once thriving economic hub. All in the name of battling Daesh.

By allying with the Sunni Arabs and standing alongside the Iranian people, Trump will place Iran’s Achilles Heel(s) in the crosshairs. The mullahs in Tehran are already bracing for the worst impact of all.   

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