The Problem Isn't the Alt-Right – It's the Alt-Reality

We hear about the alt-right and the alt-left, but the real issue is the alt-reality.

Most Americans' perceptions of the world are shaped by information they get from primarily liberal sources such as the media, academia, and government.

That's why many Americans live in an alternate reality where Hillary did nothing wrong at Benghazi, abortions occur only due to rape, global warming is supported by 97% of scientists, the economy is doing great, emotions are good and reasoning is bad, Republicans are racists, Castro was a kind and caring man, and Trump is an insane tyrant.

The reason liberals have been able to get away with lying for so long is that most of these issues don't affect the average voter.  The average voter doesn't care about Cuba, is not planning on having an abortion herself, and didn't lose anyone at Benghazi.  As a result, many people don't bother to see if what they hear is in fact true.

In addition, most people aren't exposed to any information sources that contradict the liberal narrative.  Hence, the average person who's working hard to support their family and raise their children never has any reason to question liberal propaganda.

Even worse, when the "accepted" information sources all say any position they don't agree with is "fake," the average Joe or Jane will simply assume that his brother-in-law who is a conservative is just mistaken.  After all, would the nightly news anchor who looks so honest really lie?

Finally, the liberal alt-reality machine constantly acts as though virtually all Americans agree with liberal values – that anyone who doesn't accept liberal views is a deplorable or an idiot.  That tends to keep people from expressing their conservative views, or the fact that they were going to vote for Trump, because no one wants to be labeled a fool by others.  This helps limit the spread by word of mouth of news sources the liberals don't control.

What led to the Trump win is that the liberals have become so out of step with reality that many Americans decided to completely distrust them.

When the media told people it is evil to object to any man who self-identifies as a woman, at that instant, using the same bathroom as a 10-year-old girl, most people stopped and realized that that is insane.

When people saw how tough their economic situation was and how many of their friends couldn't find a job, but the liberal establishment said how much Obama had improved the economy, most people began to realize that maybe they were being lied to.

When people saw cops who acted in self-defense having their lives destroyed and other cops being hunted down and assassinated, all while they were hearing that saying "all lives matter" is racist, they began to understand that the establishment voices were on the side of the crooks, not the cops, on the side of blacks but not whites.

That's why most Americans distrust the media, academia, and the government.

This long delayed realization by so many Americans that the cultural elites are lying to them is what has triggered the liberals' sudden fascination with "fake" news.

Liberals know that the great unwashed masses who cling to their guns and religion won't accept liberalism.  That's why the liberals constantly have to lie about their vision for America.  After all, who'd sign up for a world where your liberal "betters" control every aspect of your life, including how much soda you can drink?.

That's why liberals are now hell-bent on ensuring that any voice other than their own is labeled "fake."  They know that their only hope to get and retain the power they are so addicted to is to have a monopoly on information.

For decades, anyone who has disagreed with liberals was automatically labeled a racist.  This worked to delegitimize conservatives precisely because neither conservatives nor America in general is racist.  Do you think Democrat Senator Byrd in his KKK days would have been bothered if he'd been called a racist?  But people who aren't racists don't want to be branded as racists.

It's time we fought back and made sure that Americans don't return to trusting the liberal "h8rs."

Given that the best antidote to liberalism is truth, here are some bits of sand you can throw into the left's media machine:

Mention that liberals must be pretty stupid not to be able to recognize the difference between The Onion and real news sites.

Ask why we should believe attacks on conservatives by the NYT after it said it should be biased in its coverage against Trump.

Point out that the liberals are the racists, given that the only time they care about a black being shot is when a white, a "white Latino," or a cop does it.  Thousands of blacks are murdered in Democrat run cities every year, and the liberal chattering heads say nothing.

Ask why, if the economy is so great, household income has been stagnant, and so many people have only part-time jobs.

Wonder why the media was totally wrong about Trump winning.Ask if it isn't fascist of universities to suppress speech they don't like.

All of us have an amazing opportunity to delegitimize the establishment information sources.

While the Trump revolution has returned control of the Congress and presidency to the people we still need to overthrow the modern Goebbelses, whose propaganda conceals the racist and fascist nature of modern liberalism.

People of all political stripes are beginning to question whether or not they're being fed a pack of lies.  We need to get them to take a good hard look at the gaping chasm between what they've been told is true and what they see with their own eyes.

We don't want to silence liberal voices, but we do want to make sure everyone knows that liberals are liars, not trusted family friends who have our best interests in mind.

We need to ensure that the vast majority of Americans know that ABC, CBS, NBC, The Washington Post, The New York Times, and the rest of the liberal voices are even more biased and less reliable than Fox News.

When the vast majority of Americans realize they can't just watch the evening news or pick up their local paper in order to find out what's real and what isn't, America will be ready to truly return to being a representative republic.

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