The NAACP Promotes Grievance Industry

As a proud grateful American who happens to be black, what I am about to say is sure to cause me to be called ugly names and the black community yelling, “Off with his head!” Frankly, I do not care. God calls Christians to be salt rather than surrendering to evil “groupthink”.

I saw a TV commercial for the NAACP Image Awards in which a group of black youths on stage had clinched fists raised in the black power pose. The camera cut to multimillionaire black celebs like Spike Lee in the audience smiling approvingly. I thought, here we go again, another generation of black youths taught to view themselves as victims and hate their country.

The NAACP Image Awards is all about keeping the grievance industry alive and well. I watched segments of the 47th NAACP Image Awards show on YouTube. Sure enough, I was correct. In his acceptance speech, John Legend despicably furthered the lie that cops routinely abuse and murder blacks. The audience erupted in enthusiastic agreement. Well, I am sorry, folks. But Legend's statement is a lie from the pits of hell which paints a bulls-eye on the backs of America's brave men and women in blue. Stats confirm that 93% of black homicide victims are killed by other blacks

So no, I could not have sat in that hall and cheered along with black multimillionaires, selling lies that infect the minds of black youths who are blessed to be born in the greatest land of opportunity on the planet. In essence, the blacks in that hall betrayed their people. The vast majority of blacks in that hall achieved success following the Republican formula for success: education, hard work, striving, and achieving excellence while making responsible choices. Shouldn't that have been the theme of the 47th NAACP Image Awards rather than the Democrats' tired old black-vote-winning lie that whitey is out to get you and is responsible for all your problems? It sickens me, folks. So no, I would not have been welcomed in that hall which is fine with me.

As a matter of fact, I have spoken and performed my “American Tea Party Anthem” song at over 500 Tea Party rallies on 14 national bus tours. I feel more at home with my white brothers and sisters at those rallies than I ever would at the NAACP (View Yourself as a Victim/Hate America) Awards. Insidiously, Leftist media successfully branded the Tea Party racist in the minds of many. In reality,  I met salt-of-the-earth good people who love their country at Tea Party rallies. They simply opposed Obama driving America off the cliff into socialist/progressive hell.

In his speech, John Legend said we are still fighting for freedom. The audience erupted with applause. Again, I scratched my hand. What the heck are these black elites talking about? A black man has been running the country for the past eight years. And yet, the speakers and even a rap music production number spoke of America as if it was 1950 rather than 2016. Let's consider the absurd notion that blacks are still not free in America. Why hasn't Obama fixed it after eight years? According to the Left's grievance industry, nothing ever gets fixed or better.

Folks, this absurd narrative from the Left is not good. It is divisive, destructive and evil. Why do so few in the black community see that furthering the Left's lie that America has it in for blacks discourages and ultimately harms blacks?

Meanwhile, John Legend's net worth is $20 million. Spike Lee, another promoter of the Democrats' America sucks for blacks lie, is worth $40 million. That hall was filled with mega-wealthy black celebs enthusiastically supporting the slander of police and trashing of the country which has blessed them beyond their wildest dreams.

Did I mention that blacks are only 12% of the U.S. population? Therefore, white America made those ungrateful blacks rich. This is another obvious truth that I will be called names for daring to say out loud.

Okay, so we are to assume that the purpose of the NAACP Image Awards is to inspire blacks. Did any speaker address epidemic school dropouts -- over 70% out-of-wedlock births/fatherless households, black genocide numbers of abortions and record-breaking black on black homicides? No. The so-called awards show was all about promoting the lie that blacks are still victims of racist white America and murderous cops. Disgusting.

Meanwhile, these rich black operatives of the grievance industry (Leftists) claim to be huge advocates for black empowerment. In reality, they are saying, don't do what we did to become rich. Stick with voting for Democrats who will give you free phones, food stamps, and just enough to survive to ensure that you show up at voting booths every four years.

Y'all don't have to worry about us rich blacks or Democrats confronting you with the huge elephant in the black community's living room; killin' each other, droppin' out of school; aborting yourselves into extinction and the vast majority of your kids raised without fathers. All that is fine with us as long as y'all keep votin' for Democrats. We'll just keep saying every issue plaguing black Americans is the fault of whitey and this freaking racist country.

Y'all down with that? Peace!

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American

Chairman: The Conservative Campaign Committee

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