The Myth of Hillary’s Popular Vote 'Victory'

Many modern liberals are fascists at heart who can’t accept losing power; that’s why Bush wasn’t “their” president.

Those liberals are currently bemoaning the fact that Hillary won the popular vote which, according to them, means she should really be president, though were the case reversed we all know they’d be extolling the virtues of the Electoral College.

Driven by a lust for power liberals don’t get that everyone has to follow the rules; demanding the rules change when you lose so that you can win is a sign of immaturity and an unhealthy need for control.

But even if we ignore all that we don’t know if Hillary won the popular vote for the following reasons:

1) It’s the campaign: Trump campaigned to win the Electoral College because that’s how the law works. His people have pointed out that if law was that the popular vote winner won Trump would have spent more time in states that he couldn’t win, like California, in order to get more total votes. In that alternate reality would Trump have won? Neither we nor the Democrats have any idea. But it’s clearly unfair to say that Trump lost because he didn’t follow “rules” that weren’t rules during the election.

2) It’s the voter fraud: Everyone knows that Democrats are the kings of voter fraud. The dead are regular voters in Chicago for example. Similarly, it’s not an accident that California gave drivers licenses to illegals in early 2016 and Obama told illegals that it was safe for them to vote right before the election. A study of the 2008 and 2010 elections shows significant voting by illegals. Take away California and Hillary’s popular vote “victory” disappears. Those states where there are strong movements to let illegals vote, which includes California and New York, went heavily for Hillary. That indicates that voter fraud may have played a more significant role than liberals will admit. No one knows for sure how many people illegally voted, but we can be sure that they voted for Hillary. As a result, no one can say for sure that absent illegal votes Hillary would still have won the popular vote.

3) It’s the uncounted votes: In some states if the number of uncounted ballots is less than the victory margin the ballots are never counted. Hence we can’t know what the actual popular vote total is. That might sound shocking but since the popular vote total doesn’t matter why bother to keep track of it? Uncounted ballots tend to be absentee ballots that tend to favor Republicans that means that it’s quite possible that if all the ballots were counted Trump could win the popular vote.

4) It’s the voter suppression: There is voter suppression in the U.S. but it’s being done by the liberals. In California, there was no Republican candidate for Senate. Because California's voters passed an initiative that had the two highest vote getters in an open primary face each other in the general election. So there were two Democrats running against each other for the Senate. While racist Democrats claim that Blacks are too stupid to get a photo IDs, those same Democrats think that Republicans being denied a candidate on the ballot won’t keep Republicans from voting. The reality is that in California, which everyone knew Trump would lose, the lack of a Republican Senate candidate meant that some Republicans didn’t bother to vote. We can’t know how many but we can be pretty sure they’d have voted for Trump, reducing Hillary’s supposed lead.

5) It’s the Trump factor: It’s no secret that a lot of people held their noses to vote for Trump. Many people in states that were never going to go for Trump, such as California and Virginia, didn’t vote for Trump because they knew it wouldn’t help Hillary -- whom they disliked even more -- and it made them feel like they weren’t supporting Trump. If those people knew that their ballots would have counted they would have voted for Trump.

6) It’s the laziness factor: The reality is that many people vote only because of the presidential race. The media worked hard to make it clear to the residents of many states that their vote would have no impact on who was elected president precisely because of the Electoral College. For the liberal media to now argue that all those Republicans who didn’t vote because the media told them their votes were worthless shouldn’t be counted if we suddenly decide to go by the popular vote is typical liberal dishonesty.

Even if we ignore the fact that the election was about the Electoral College, not about the popular vote we have no way of knowing if Hillary did win the popular vote.

Similarly we have no way of knowing that Hillary would have won the popular vote if the voters, and Trump, had known that the winner would be decided by the popular vote.

When your liberal friend starts spouting about the popular vote you’re now ready to explain why the whole popular vote issue is another example of fake news.

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