The Left’s Retreat into Fantasy

The Left, it seems, has lost its grip on reality, and is dead-set on creating its own actuality. And the election of Donald Trump seems to have been the catalyst for the breakdown of the liberal mind.  Weeks after Trump’s unexpected victory, Hillary boosters are still trying to wrap their heads around the fact that the would-be first woman president was beaten by a gauche pussy-grabber.

Instead of going through the five stages of grief, they’ve taken to creating an alternative universe where their ideology is still unquestioned orthodoxy.

So what do losers do when confronted with their own impotence? They write fan fiction of course! To help alleviate the mental pangs caused by an incoming Trump Administration, a writer at Newsweek decided to publish pre-written copy prepared in case Hillary had won. “[W]e’re living in a dystopian future,” fairy tale curator Zach Schonfeld explains, and “some publications weren't so well prepared.”

Gee, you think?

Schonfeld collected various dispatches from left-leaning writers at different publications. It’s no surprise these journalists wrote in advance about Hillary’s triumph. I figured Hillary was bound to win as well, and wrote something for another publication before Election Day presuming a Clinton win. But what exactly is the point of publishing these now? What interest is served? Reporters are supposed to describe the real world, not fantasy. This is reality avoidance at its most pathetic.

Using fake news to live vicariously in a non-existent future isn’t the only way liberals are coping with Middle America’s big “screw you” at the ballot box. Now that Hillary has decisively won the popular vote, calls for abolishing the Electoral College have reemerged. “Get ready for a major push to kill the Electoral College,” ran one ThinkProgress headline. Former vice president Al Gore endorsed the idea. California’s Senator Barbara Boxer introduced a bill to make it so. It isn’t fair, these pouty runner-ups argue, that a woman should be denied the presidency because of a system set up by white men over 200 years ago. Not only should the Electoral College be tossed out like old leftovers that’ve been sitting in the fridge for centuries, but the College’s electors should refuse to vote for Trump later this month.

This is all very rich coming from the same people who demanded Trump accept the election results, no matter the outcome. But then logical consistency -- that is, truth based in reality -- has never been forte of the Left. They’d much rather cry foul, take their ball and go home.

Here’s the thing about all the Electoral College business: Both Trump and Clinton campaigned to win a majority of its votes. The presidency was never supposed to be a popularity contest. If that were the case, Hillary could have campaigned solely in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Washington D.C. and come out a winner. But she didn’t, and she lost.

The refusal to come to terms with the way the world works is at the core of progressive philosophy. When the truth doesn’t turn out to be the liberal’s preferred truth, a series of mental gymnastics takes place to alter reality. Nearly all of these efforts prove futile One more example: leftists have claimed for years that gender and sex are distinct. Whereas sex is set, gender is not predetermined but fluid. That’s not true, but for arguendo purposes, it does seem plausible.

Well, now biology is out the door. Nicholas Matte, a gender studies professor at the University of Toronto, claims there is no such thing as biological sex. Got that? Whatever piece God fitted you with is not part of your inherent being. Genitals and chromosomes are now debatable.

If we can’t agree having both x and y chromosomes meaning you’re a biological male, how are we supposed to reach agreement on any kind of truth?

If politics is the process of bringing together shared moral visions for the common good, and working out differences along the way, that very vision is imperiled by a total lack of regard for facts. The recent election has seen enormous damage done to the idea of objective reality. Between blatant media bias and the rise of fictive news stories, we’ve entered a dangerous postmodernism where everything is subjective.

“You have your truth (InfoWars) and I have mine (The New York Times), and who's to say which is right?” asks Damon Linker. Truthfully, it’s hard to tell any more. That Alex Jones accurately called Trump’s win and the newspaper of record failed to shows how far removed the media mediators of facts have gotten from what’s real and what exists only in their heads.

“Go, go, go, said the bird: human kind/Cannot bear very much reality,” wrote T.S. Eliot. The Left cannot accept President-elect Trump. They cannot accept that sex and gender are not a choose-your-own mystery. They cannot accept that many people in the country have different opinions than theirs.

Liberals have migrated beyond observable reality into fantasyland. If that kind of thinking leaves them routed at the ballot box, I say let it continue. Reality has a way of eventually biting back, bringing ideology back in line with common sense.

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