People Who Hate Humanity

While liberals talk a lot about racism they ignore the far greater threat of their own Anti-Human Movement (AHM).

The AHM is a way to group and describe those people, the vast majority of modern liberals, who object not to this or to that race but to humanity in general. They’re the people who view other people as the problem. The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement -- which believes mankind should go away in order to help the planet -- is the extreme wing of the AHM.

While the AHM doesn’t have a secret handshake, regular meetings, monthly dues, or even a membership list, it does have an immense impact on modern politics. Because their thesis -- people are the problem -- is so odious, AHM members generally avoid explicitly stating their distaste for humanity.

However, we can see what they believe from occasional slips, the statements of the more extreme members, and the policies that they support.

To the AHM, people in general are a blight on the planet and civilization.

That’s why the AHM supports killing the unborn and denying medical treatment to the elderly. We often hear liberals talk about how federal funding of abortion would reduce the number of people on welfare, for example. AHM members don’t think that the problem with welfare is that it’s too easy to get or that we could reform welfare. Rather, they think that the problem is too many people, and their solution is to kill those people before they’re born.

Similarly we’re told by the AHM that it’s silly and wasteful to spend exorbitant amounts of money on the elderly -- unless of course the seasoned citizen in question is one of them. Instead of seeing how we can make medical treatment less expensive, AHM members view the people as the problem and hence their go-to solution is paying for suicide cocktails rather than treatment.

The AHM’s public solution for world poverty is preventing or killing unborn brown babies. That’s why a disproportionate amount of aid to Africa, for example, is for “family planning” as opposed to antibiotics. But their real solution includes killing brown children. Melinda Gates has stated that after a few drinks members of the AHM have questioned whether providing vaccines for brown people in Africa is a good thing, since the world is suffering from too many people.

Members of the AHM often declare that their loyalty is to the planet. They view people -- excepting their own self-enlightened circle -- as a problem. While they contend that there is nothing special about people, they hold humanity to a higher standard than they hold their beloved animals.

They tell us that mankind is destroying the planet, but if man is just an animal, the obvious question is “So what?” The members of the AHM don’t condemn animals for driving other animals to extinction. The incoherence of their position can be seen by the fact that they hold humanity to a higher standard than they hold animals to. Which, of course, means that they think mankind is in some way superior to animals.

We hear these people talking about environmental problems not in the context of how those problems hurt people, but in terms of how they hurt the planet.

The core problem of the AHM is that its members have jettisoned the belief, enshrined in our Declaration of Independence, that all men are created equal and granted rights by God, including the right to Life.

Liberalism was originally based on the Judeo-Christian tradition that taught that all men were equal and that the rights of man come from God, not from society or government. That’s why, contrary to liberal complaints, America is a Judeo-Christian country because no other religion or philosophical tradition believes in the intrinsic equality and value of all people irrespective of race, gender, wealth, or power.

But as liberals rejected God and Christianity they drifted away from the ideals of Christianity and began to embrace hedonism; personal pleasure is all that counts. Because that’s an unfulfilling way to live, they have latched onto a neo-pagan attachment to nature and the planet in order to feel righteous.

AHM members tend to have a highly disordered view of animals. They tend to think that animals are just like people; for example, they think that pets love their owners the same way that a child loves his mother. They declare that pigs are people and that eating animals is evil.

Strangely, they see no inconsistency with feeding their cats meat while condemning people who eat meat. But of course, if cats are companions, not pets, they should clearly be held to the same standard as humans.

The AHM views babies as an evil. They condemn large families and by having few, if any children, they choose to spend on their own pleasure rather than invest in the future. They count on the children of others to pay the taxes which will fund the care for AHM members in their old age as well as provide the services those members will need.

Historically, babies were viewed as a blessing and people who don’t ascribe to the AHMs hateful philosophy still believe they are. But the AHM is constantly portraying, through entertainment and the media, that children are a burden and at best a hobby. The AHM makes it clear that in a family what matters is the happiness and fulfillment of the parents; the children come in a distant third. Parents don’t like each other; get a divorce and don’t worry about the impact on the kids. The AHM teaches that jobs are the main priority and that children will get whatever time the parents have left over.

The AHM justifies its anti-baby crusade by using “overpopulation” despite the fact that even the UN admits that the birthrate is going down dramatically and that First World countries are facing rapid and economically damaging population crashes.

But babies aren’t the only part of humanity that the AHM dislikes.

The AHM supports a wide spectrum of policies that hurt people who aren’t rich. For example, controlling cow farts in California -- a matter of importance to Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown -- will drive up the cost of food for the poor. Increasing energy costs by phasing out coal and oil is a highly regressive tax because the poor spend a significantly higher percentage of their money on energy than the rich AHM members. Biofuels drive up the cost of food and can lead to famine. Yet the AHM pushes all these policies for the good of the planet.

Whenever the choice is between people and a pristine nature that only the AHM can enjoy, the AHM ignores people and supports making the Earth as human-free as possible.

For example, few average Americans can go hiking in Alaskan wilderness or own a home on the California coast. But the AHM wants to prevent drilling for oil in either place, even though doing so would help the poor live better lives by reducing energy costs. The AHM does so because the AHM loves a world untouched by people.

It’s time to expose the AHM’s virulently anti-human agenda. The vast majority of humanity views people as good and helping people as the best thing we can do. By exposing the hateful nature of the AHM, we can thwart their false-flag attacks on people.

When people know that the motivation behind the AHM agenda isn’t making the Earth better for people but rather ridding the Earth of as many people as possible, they will be more likely to object to things like the Kyoto Accords, which would reduce U.S. GDP by 30% and dramatically increase poverty world wide.

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