Obama at the UN: The mouse that roared

Obama has been perceived for the better part of the past eight years by many of the world's leadership as a spineless and weak leader, never feeling comfortable or really knowing how to implement the art of statesmanship.  Obama caved in to Putin, the leader of Russia, and caved in to Assad, the embattled leader of Syria.  China, Iran, North Korea, and Libya have all exhibited nothing but contempt for Obama, who always backed down, stood down, and generally did nothing more than wag his presidential tail.

And then there was Israel.

The objective of the recent Obama-concocted Security Council resolution against the State of Israel is nothing less than a betrayal of the U.S.-Israel alliance and a message to Trump.  The Security Council's resolution, which brands the Jewish presence in any part of Judea and Samaria (West Bank) or in parts of Jerusalem as illegal, will also make the 800,000 Jews in these areas international outlaws.

This betrayal of Israel is actually Obama's lame-duck way of signaling to the new Trump administration that he has no intention of letting President-Elect Trump, the democratically elected president, revoke the so-called "transformation" Obama has set for America over the past eight years.

Obama's action in the U.N. comes from his longtime distaste for Israel and from his newly found distaste for Trump and everything Trump stands for.  Obama has a lot of "unfinished business" and primal anger concerning Trump's victory, exposing the Democratic Party and its leader for what they are: hated by Middle America and totally detached from the traditional values of so many Americans.

Trump's greatest sin other than actually winning the election has been that he has exposed the true legacy of Obama.  Trump, the unapologetic, wealthy champion of Middle America, is everything Obama is not.  Trump embodies Obama's worst nightmare and is an antithesis to how Obama envisions America upon leaving the White House, knowing full well that President Trump, in Obama's own words, will "reverse progress" of his presidential period.

Trump has successfully shared with all Americans the true Obama domestic legacy: BlackLivesMatter, cop killings and violence in the streets, transgenderism, the failure and bankruptcy of Obamacare,  unrestricted immigration , terror attacks on American soil, and a ten-trillion-dollar increase in national debt.  Obama has generally corrupted all three branches of government through the use of presidential directives, ignoring the authority and constitutional mandate of Congress and the Senate, and by empowering government agencies such as the IRS to selectively hound organizations that did not adopt Obama's vision of America.

 Internationally, Obama's legacy has been even worse: allowing the Islamic terror genie out of the bottle; half a million dead in Syria; the Muslim refugee invasion of Europe, which could lead to the breakup of the EU; the rise of Iran as a conventional power that is devouring one Sunni country after another; the diminution of American power and prestige; enabling Russia to invade and conquer neighboring countries; and finally, legitimizing the BDS movement and the criminalization of Israel by encouraging the Security Council of the U.N. to make Israel a pariah state.

This showdown between Obama and Trump has been in the making since day one ofTrump's declaration to be elected president.  In the same manner that the liberal elite and intelligentsia have failed in shoving down Middle America's throat their vision of what America should be, Obama has not yet internalized that his vision, his eight years of empty promises and the attempted transformation of America, has come to an end, with little to show for his efforts.

In the coming three weeks of what remains of the Obama presidency, President-Elect Trump and the State of Israel should prepare for the worst and expect Obama to take revenge against American voters who chose Trump and against Israel for standing up to Obama for the past eight years – exposing his nothingness, his empty beliefs, and his empty panaceas that have failed one by one.  Obama will continue with his political carnage until his last day in office in a manner unbefitting the office of the president.

Obama is fond of quoting Martin Luther King, Jr.'s line: "The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice."  The Republican Party controls all three branches of government, to the detriment of everything Obama has achieved in the past eight years.  President Trump will build an American tent that will include all and be a beacon to the world.  Israel will succeed in rescinding the Security Council decision sooner rather than later and continue to build coalitions with neighboring Sunni nations in the coming years and maintain her expanding relations with most nations of the world.  Obama will fail in his last-ditch efforts to forge his vision of a brave new world, leaving nothing more than a memory of a mouse that roared.

The writer, a 25-year veteran of the IDF, served as a field mental health officer.  Prior to retiring in 2005, he served as the commander of the Central Psychiatric Military Clinic for Reserve Soldiers at Tel-Hashomer.  Since retiring from active duty, he provides consultancy services to NGOs implementing psycho trauma and psycho education programs to communities in the North and South of Israel.  Today Ron is a strategic adviser at the Office of the Chief Foreign Envoy of Judea and Samaria.  To contact: medconf@netvision.net.il.

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