Leftists Ally with Jihadis in Our Public Schools

Coming to a school near you.  After being subjected to jihadi propaganda by a Palestinian on an illegal visa in their third grade public school class, 8-9 year old American kids were led by their teacher to attack Israel.  Watch the video.  It’s like a Maoist Red Guard indoctrination session.  The children’s African-American teacher, Brooke Barnett, tells the children that Israel is hiding what’s really going from the world, but that the video they are about to see “is true, we can see what’s happening.” After the program the third-graders were encouraged to share their reactions.  The first child says, “Israel is wrong to think that Palestine could be theirs, because they already have a lot of land and they shouldn’t just take more thinking they own the world.” “They (Israelis) should be peaceful but they’re not…they should not kill other...(Read Full Article)