China Builds Deep Water Seaport in Cambodia on the Gulf of Thailand

President Obama’s pipe dream policy of using Vietnam to contain China, which was conjured up years ago by two Senate Johns – Kerry and McCain – is falling apart. This should not surprise anyone who has compared the populations and economies of these two nations. While U.S. Southeast Asia policy has myopically focused on China’s growing occupation of and base construction on the South China Sea Islands, China has made a Hail Mary pass by building a new deep-water port in Cambodia. Many strategists see this as part of China’s gun-boat subversion scheme to claim a vast economic exclusion zone, controlling shipping, fishing, energy production, and even air travel within one of the world’s busiest transportation corridors. A Chinese company, working with the diplomatic support of the People’s Liberation Army, is close to completing construction of this deep-water port on a 90-kilometer stretch of Cambodia’s coastline,...(Read Full Article)
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