We Need Leadership, Not False Unity

President Obama has done everything possible to damage race relations, especially planting hostility against white people and a disabling sense of victimization in the hearts of young black people.  His message of division and resentment has been carried forth by smug media.  But the left wing's dogma of white privilege is proffered mainly to elites who don't live side by side with different races.  Ordinary white and black people who live and work closely together still predominantly share mutual acceptance and respect in their everyday lives.

That is true of the area where I live and vote.  The precinct where I vote is in the most thoroughly biracial community I have ever seen in America.  This district is probably 50-50 white and black.  It abounds with little white buildings where a dazzling light of the Living Self is shared.  The churches huddle closely together and silently speak joy to one another across a few feet of muddy lawn.  While houses of worship are either predominantly white or black, any person can walk into any church and encounter a loving fellowship in Christ.  I know, because I have.

Voting here takes place in a 1960s-era Head Start building.  This election precinct is run almost entirely by black ladies.  A few years ago, I saw a solitary black man behind the registration table, but never once a white person.  There are ten qualified political parties in South Carolina.  For those who wanted to vote a straight party ticket, they appeared on the left side of Tuesday's touchscreen ballot.  Number one on the ballot was the Democratic Party.  Way down the list, next to last, past the Greens, Working Families, United Citizens, and Libertarians, the patient voter could find the Republican Party.

I have never stood in line to vote until last Tuesday.  As I was waiting, a middle-aged white woman rushed in.  She explained that her daddy was very sick and shouldn't be out of his bed.  She was having trouble with the portable oxygen, and he needed to vote as soon as possible.  The Misses Latasha and Lillie Mae swung into action.  The younger woman brought the material for curbside voting out to the man, while the older lady stood guard over the voting booth he was using remotely.  This patriot and beloved father was fully reclined in the front seat of a runcible green van, eyes barely open, as he cast his ballot.  He said, "Thank you, ma'am" to Latasha, as is the custom here.

Whom do you suppose he voted for?  For the candidate who called him deplorable, racist, and who despises him?  For a woman who strew national secrets around with as much concern as she would have for used tissues?  Did he choose the secretary of state who let her direct that subordinate employees be disemboweled and butchered in the streets, even though they had pleaded to her for protection?

The dying man in the van is old enough to remember humming textile mills that once were planted everywhere in this region.  Maybe he worked in one and went bowling with the team from work on Wednesdays.  The mills are gone.  The train tracks are covered with weeds, the sidewalks along so many main streets are broken and buckled, and shop windows wear shrouds of rain-swollen plywood.  The economic devastation this man has seen is due in part to the trade agreements one candidate promoted, even as the other candidate is promising to focus on the very problem that caused so much destruction.

Left-wing cake holes have been gorging themselves for years on the expired and spoiled provender that Americans are racist and sexist.  Donald Trump's victory has acted on their bloated stomachs like an emetic, causing the racism-sexism lies to become as vomitus shooting from their mouths.  For example, CNN's hate color commentator Van Jones blamed Trump's victory on "whitelash."  Jones upchucks thusly because he neither knows nor cares anything about the real lives of black people, the real problems they face, and the causes of those problems.  The people in this rural area, white and black, face the same problems of economic devastation, drug abuse, and worsening crime.

Republicans who did not unify around Trump will now be calling to unify with Democrats, as a way of defeating the programs of President Trump.  Paul Ryan opened his congratulatory remarks with a call for national unity and added, "What I see here is a unified government and not having more of this protracted divided government[.]"  Ryan needs a new optometrist.  The last thing America needs now is unity.  Democrats will never unify with Republicans.  They have become the party of hate, and they will continue to hate.  Only hate can preserve the left wing's misbegotten power and counterfeit virtue.

President Trump needs to keep his promises to a dying South Carolina man.  Trump needs to build a mighty manned wall, because a country without borders is committing suicide.  The president needs to keep his promise that the resources that come from this land will be made useful by Americans once again.  For the sake of those Americans in heaven, as one Carolina man soon will be, and those still on Earth who worked and fought to preserve the Constitution and our national greatness, President Trump must reject the falsehood that we are a nation of cowards and restore the truth that we are a great, good, and generous people.  When that happens we will once again be a great and unified nation.