Watching the Snowflakes Melt

Any honest conservative will have to admit that the post-election spectacle of weeping Clinton staffers, progressive pundits at a momentary loss for lies, and SJWs tweeting as frantically as canaries in a room full of hungry cats was the icing on Trump’s victory cake. I don’t blame anyone for going back to YouTube for seconds. We’ve been getting the thick end of the political correctness cudgel for a very long time now. How’s this for social justice, my liberal friends? How’s this for a little diversity of political opinion?

Nevertheless, although Hillary’s political career has probably melted like the Wicked Witch of the West, the propaganda engine of the media is still here -- even if its ratings are down. The infantile boot camp of academia remains unshaken. The student snowflakes, though bedraggled, have begun to notice that the sun still rises, racists hordes haven’t actually managed to kill them all, and Donald Trump hasn’t shoveled their oppressed, indignant, little corpses into the death camp ovens of their imagination -- at least not yet. They can still hold hands and snuggle puppies for awhile. They can still chant “no justice, no peace!” around their traditional bonfires of Chinese-manufactured U.S. flags. Trump’s victory didn’t silence our opponents. It didn’t even give us a lull in fighting. Generation snowflake was out rioting before the Starbucks opened on Wednesday the 9th. They are now on the defensive, however. It is a good time for us to have a look at the miserable, misguided foot soldier our enemies intend to use against us.

Watching videos of SJWs, black, white and oh so very red, has struck me with something I hadn’t noticed before. Many of these poor kids are genuinely scared. We’ve been using the word “indoctrinated” for years, but seeing the results of the indoctrination on their faces is horrifying nevertheless. I came of age in the Reagan era. Liberal kids back then disliked Ronald Reagan, maybe even hated him -- but they didn’t think either his election or his reelection meant that they were going to die. Many of the current crop of snowflakes really do believe the end is nigh. They are dangerous in the way that cornered animals are dangerous -- well, at least they may be when they can manage to stop crying.

Facts, thank God, are facts. There is no serious question of who has the better grasp of reality here. The evidence that right and truth are on our side is overwhelming. The progressives themselves confirmed the authenticity of the Wikileaks emails on at least three occasions. We can point at DNC involvement in the rioting -- we have video. Progressives, on the other hand, have little but rhetoric and accusations. The sudden parade of women who claimed to have been molested by Donald Trump. The Muslim student who claimed to have been threatened on the street. The anonymous swastika spray-painted on a wall somewhere. Trump said occasional bad things. Hillary really did bad things. The saying and doing are different, at least in a sane world. However, if you are twenty years old, systematically educated to find reasons to be offended, and tucked into the comfortable safe space of your echo chamber -- then accusations are indistinguishable from truth. The suggestion that we should put the interests of the people who are already in America ahead of the interests of millions who, for whatever reason, want to come to America is indistinguishable, to snowflakes, from calling for the gunning down of children in the streets. These kids don’t assume the odd swastika they run across on the way to the vape shop is the work of a mildly anti-social but basically apolitical thirteen-year-old (the sort of people who have always scrawled graffiti on American walls and sidewalks) but imagine it the product of invisible neo-Nazi boogeymen. Yes, they are genuinely scared -- they have swallowed the big lie whole. While one may feel a certain human pity for their naivete, nobody who needs a puppy and a coloring book to staunch the flow of tears has any right to expect to be taken seriously by an adult. An inability to cope with a reality one doesn’t like is not a virtue – it is an indication of a precarious state of mental health.

All these kids have is the ridiculous, unhealthy, teletubby world that has been constructed for them by the media and the American educational system. They have been systematically brainwashed for political reasons -- a crime on such a scale there are hardly any words for it. Theirs is a world that runs erratically between extremes of hatred, tolerance of things that are genuinely dangerous, self-loathing, and self-pity. They don’t understand the real economy. They don’t have a clue that people flowing to the U.S. from the third world have their own motives and their own beliefs -- and aren’t just more interchangeable, multicultural, neurotic teletubbies like themselves. These kids are adrift. They have no history, no lasting values, no moral underpinnings. They don’t even have enough intellectual capacity to understand that their hero, Bernie Sanders, on being cheated out of a shot at his party’s nomination, willingly made himself a traitor by stumping for Hillary Clinton. “Bernie! Bernie!” some of them still chanted desperately -- like babies who’ve been separated from their mothers.

We should not dismiss these people as irrelevant. It is not that they are dangerous opponents in their individual cunning. Rather, they are dangerous in the disruptive way that schizophrenic street people are dangerous. They live in a different world, and their world is not compatible with ours. Nor are they likely to recover their rationality anytime soon. The leftist narrative has always been extremely flexible, and when you successfully breed a couple of generations of adherents who don’t believe in the traditional external standards of morality and logic, you can keep them fired up with new and even contradictory illusions indefinitely if you just have the right street cred. Hillary Clinton didn’t quite have that street cred, so they rightly snubbed her but still managed to be shocked by the election of Donald Trump. I suppose they just assumed, as usual, that someone else would work the political magic for them. Their disdain for Hillary probably had as much to do with her grandmotherly appearance and her lack of charm as it did with her chronic and well-documented dishonesty. To get the SJW vote, she shouldn’t have promoted herself as America’s first woman president -- she should have come out as a trans-man in a pants suit and spiked pink hair. Bernie Sanders, who also looked like somebody’s grandmother, managed to be cool by simply calling himself a socialist -- a nineteenth-century failed ideology that seems to be the latest, coolest thing, second only to 7th century Islamic imperialism. The next Democrat candidate for president will probably be Jay Z, perhaps with a Leninesque cap, Trotsky-Lennonist round glasses, and a newly sprouted Bin Laden shaggy beard. I mean, OMG -- why the f–k not?

The best that the conservative movement can do now is to try to fix everything -- and I mean everything. That’s a fight of epic proportions, worthy of a great people with a truly great heritage and great ideals. It will not be easy. Even if we are successful, we are going to have to suffer with a subculture of crypto-leftists for a very long time. Weeping and criticizing and obstructing their way into the future, hating us, hating themselves, hating the failure of reality to meet the simple standards of Teletubbyland -- where everyone gets along because there isn’t any difference of opinion. Teaching children isn’t easy. Teaching grownup children is a task worthy of God.