Time to Criminalize Tyranny

Some people are calling for "reconciliation" after Trump's election.  Some even say that Hillary shouldn't be prosecuted.

The reality is that if we allow liberals to constantly misuse government power and break the law with no consequences, they will never stop.  Like little children, they need a spanking to keep them in line.

President Trump should set up a special prosecutor to dig up all the government workers, from Hillary on down, who used government power to further tyranny.

People like Lois Lerner, who used the full power of the IRS to silence voices that disagreed with her political leanings, should not just be able to retire and collect a pension.

So long as liberals know they can misuse the power of government and get away with it, they will continue to wage war against the American people while being paid by the American people.

Hillary has to be tried for her pay for play schemes and her imperilment of national security.  It's un-American for one set of laws to apply to citizens, like the Marine who was thrown out of the Corps because he sent a classified message on unclassified email in order to save lives, and another to people who are in power.

In 2008, a liberal Ohio government employee illegally searched government records for information on "Joe the Plumber," who had embarrassed Obama.  She was suspended for two months but not fired.  When sued, her legal fees were paid for by the taxpayers of Ohio.  While Ohio passed a law requiring firing as a consequence of such actions, her getting off so easily clearly emboldened others in the federal government to misuse their governmental authority for Obama.

In addition to misusing government power to attack conservatives, liberals in government are constantly abusing their authority by covering up illegal actions by liberals.

During the Obama years, we've seen case after case of the government either ignoring court orders or congressional requests or slow-rolling them, saying they'll produce all of Hillary's emails by 2020, for example.  If the government employees involved knew they faced immediate firing for such behavior, it would be much harder for corrupt politicians like Obama to get their minions to abuse government power.

We can't drain the swamp if all the alligators have life preservers and "get out of jail free" cards.

We need to strike fear in the hearts of all government workers.  They need to know that if they intentionally abuse their power, they face serious negative consequences – just as citizens know that if they break the law, they face consequences.

Clearly, government workers can exercise their First Amendment rights, and it's no crime to support the Democratic Party.  But violating their oath of office has to have consequences; otherwise, innocent people will continue to be crushed by the behemoth state that liberals have created.

We can't let liberal government employees be above the law and unanswerable to anyone for their actions.

That may sound harsh, but the reality is that today Americans are afraid of their government because it's impossible for any but the richest people to win a fight with government workers run amok.

If the IRS shows up at your door because you expressed conservative opinions, you're essentially doomed.  So honest priests and ministers who have political views consistent with Christian teaching are afraid to speak out.

But at the same time, liberal preachers know they can openly advocate for liberals like Obama or Hillary because the government won't prosecute them.

Similarly, Catholic nuns have had to expend a huge amount of money fighting for their First Amendment right to not support abortion while the liberal government workers who are attacking them get paid with taxpayer dollars.

It's a double standard because conservatives who go against the liberal line are in danger of losing their jobs.

Scooter Libby was prosecuted for having a bad memory, and the prosecutor intentionally concealed exculpatory evidence.  But Libby was a conservative.

That reflects the reality that if a conservative is perceived as abusing government power by liberals, he will be viciously attacked and prosecuted.  But a liberal actually pleading the 5th knows that he will not suffer any adverse consequences.

That has to change.  Every government worker should be constantly aware that if he abuses his power and citizens complain, he can be fired and prosecuted.

The first step in draining the swamp is making it clear that anyone who misuses his government authority, conservative or liberal, will lose his job.  Without that, the swamp will be like the Augean stables, and we'll never be able to drain it.

Today we live in a tyranny because the people are afraid of the government.  We need to change that so that the government is afraid of the people in order to restore the America the Founders left us.

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