The Unbearable Lightness of Anti-Trump Hysterics

Donald Trump's victory on November 8 was a shock to liberals all over the country, all over the world.  So confident of their own brilliance, superiority and their own rightness in all things, his win was a major shock to their tender but blinkered sensibilities.  It had apparently not occurred to them that he could actually win.  So out of touch with the American people outside of their personal space, they were completely taken by surprise by his electoral success. 

Hillary and her inner circle were shocked as well.  It never occurred to them that her many crimes, her foundation schemes to enrich herself, her lifetime of lying and her carelessness about national security would filter down to voters.  They assumed regular people, those stupid people Jonathan Gruber counted on to accept the nonsense that is Obamacare, would not know about or read the thousands of leaked Podesta emails that expose the totally self-serving nature of the Clintons and their staff.  The emails prove that they care nothing about the country, the shrinking middle class, ISIS, or Iran's nuclear ambitions.  They care only about winning, keeping power and staying rich.  Liberals routinely and mistakenly view the American people as beneath them, as ignorant.  To their great shock, the deplorables are more informed than Clinton and the DNC ever thought possible.

Van Jones on CNN of course blamed the defeat of HRC on racism.  He called it a "whitelash."  Clever?  Not so much.  He is among the most racist pundits we have had to endure these past eight years.  His hatred of white people oozes out of every pore.  He has no clue about the country he is so in the habit of vilifying.  He is an Al Sharpton, a typical race hustler, in a fancy suit and expensive glasses.

Cokie Roberts reliably blamed sexism.  Hillary lost because she is a woman. Men just don't want to see a woman in the White House!  Nonsense.  It curiously has not occurred to her that it might be Hillary's record abent of any achievement, her criminal history, her pathological lying, or her abuse of victimized women in the furtherance of her husband's career that turned voters against her.

The worst example of mind-numbed bias was Martha Raddatz, a long-time progressive who was inexplicably allowed to "moderate" one of the debates. Fighting back tears, not only did she describe Trump's victory as a victory for racism, sexism, Islamophobia, homophobia  --  all the usual accusations that spill so easily off the tongues of liberals when describing conservatives -- she claimed no military servicemen would be safe under a Trump administration because he so clearly knows nothing about the military or foreign policy. 

Excuse me!  Barack Obama has done such terrible damage to our men and women who serve that he should be in the brig.  He tied the hands of his generals who stayed.  He fired those, hundreds of them, who refused to do his anti-military bidding.  Obama's ridiculous rules of engagement have been the cause of hundreds, maybe even thousands of American deaths in Afghanistan.  Our guys are hardly allowed to defend themselves.  Trump will change that.  Raddatz is sadly typical of the uninformed left.  So oblivious to facts that do not fit with her own ideology, she has become as ignorant as she thinks Trump's irredeemable voters are.

As many others have observed, Trump's victory is a repudiation of Obama's polices, nearly all of which have done terrible damage to this country.  It is also a repudiation of a corrupt and biased media.  The leaked Podesta emails prove that beyond a shadow of doubt.  Nearly all of the mainstream broadcast news outlets –  NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, and NPR -- are fixed extensions of the DNC and the Clinton campaign, so much so the campaign was running their interview questions for conservatives past Podesta and telling NPR what and when to air which stories concocted by the Clinton staff.  They are not news organizations any more than the NYT is.  For real news, citizens must rely on the alternative media.  What we read there is easily fact-checked, not with any of those mainstream institutions.

College campuses all over the country sent blast emails to their students expressing their heartfelt understanding of the horror they must be experiencing due to the election results.  They offered numerous locations of "safe" or "supporting" spaces they could come to for relief.  In almost all cases, it was the administrations and faculties who were melting down as hysterically as Rachel Maddow did on MSNBC.  On numerous campuses, students marched and rioted, vandalized and burned stuff to protest Trump's victory.  This is what counts as "progressivism" in 2016; indoctrination works just as it did in Nazi Germany, Cuba, the former USSR, and the dictatorial states of Central and South America.  In every one of those examples, the people lose -- and lose everything.  They lose their freedom by drips and drabs as we have under Obama.

Trump was not the candidate of choice of all Republicans but he may just save us all from the tyranny of the left.

"The truest characters of ignorance are vanity and pride and arrogance."   - Samuel Butler