The Sleeper Issue for 9 Million Americans that the Media Will Not Cover

Surprisingly large numbers of Americans live abroad.  According to State Department figures, nearly 9 million U.S. citizens currently reside in foreign countries.  If “Abroad” were a state, it would be America’s 11th most populous.  Most election years, these voters are not particularly noticeable: they do not vote as a bloc, but are divided according to their respective states of registration; and their vote is not unified, as a variety of issues affect them and their respective countries of residence. This election, however, may be different.  There is a single issue unifying the usually-disparate overseas vote, and likely to turn that vote decidedly Republican:  the need to repeal “FATCA,” the 2010 Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act.     If you’ve never heard of FATCA, you are forgiven.  FATCA does not affect domestic voters, and won’t show up on any pollster’s list of important...(Read Full Article)