The Pathological Intolerance of the Left

A New Mexico CEO, Mathew Blanchfield,  appeared on Tucker Carlson's show Wednesday night to defend the letter he posted on his website, 1st in SEO in New Mexico, telling his clients who voted for or support Donald Trump to take their business elsewhere.  In his letter, he calls Trump "racist, sexist, fascist."  He asked his clients to respond and confirm "where you stand politically. If you are a Republican or support Trump, we will no longer serve you."  He wrote that he had a moral obligation then, on the Carlson program, decried Trump's "lack of moral turpitude" for allegedly taking the mainstream press to task over its biased reporting throughout the campaign.  Not only does he not know the meaning of the word "fascist," he does not know the meaning of the word "turpitude."  He thinks he is really, really smart but he is not.  And unfortunately for him, Carlson is smart.

Carlson attempted to point out his exclusivity, his intolerance, but Blanchfield wasn't having any of it.    He is imprudently proud of himself and his own moral superiority.   Never mind those people who lost their businesses because they would not bake a cake for, provide flowers for, or photograph gay weddings, even though they had served those clients respectfully for years.  Mr. Blanchfield was most likely on board in condemning those people because he is so inclusive and compassionate. 

Then there is the Penzey Spice Co. of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.  Anyone who cooks knows this brand.   Mr. Penzey has also told any and all of his customers that his company no longer wants the business of Trump supporters.  His Facebook post (read the whole thing) is as illiberal as Blanchfield's.  He suggests Trump voters "redeem" themselves by donating to the ACLU or the Southern Poverty Law Center, one of the most radically intolerant leftist organizations in America, a group that specializes in viciously savaging anyone on their radar whose politics they do not like.

Of course, CNN's Chistianne Amanpour weighed in with a speech to The Committee to Protect Journalists, those privileged but beleaguered victims of bias and violence.  She bemoaned Trump's tweet about the media inciting protestors.  Trump was right of course but Amanpour was overwrought.  She fears journalists like her are going to be "put in cages."  Like most of her colleagues in the mainstream media, they cannot abide the fact that all their calculated propaganda employed to defeat Trump failed.   She is seething with rage that "The winning candidate did a savvy end run around us and used it to go straight to the people."   Wow.  A candidate for President spoke directly to the people and won. 

The horror.   

She rails against "fake news sites."  Those would be the ones with which she and her fellow journos disagree. That would be any site with conservative views reporting or commenting on the issues the left considers settled and beyond debate.  It is Amanpour and her ilk that broadcast fake news, like "Hillary will win in a landslide."  Every word out of their mouths is propaganda meant to sway public opinion.  That is how stupid they think American citizens are.  So stupid that we do not see them for exactly what they are:  elitist snobs who believe it is their job to dictate to us how to think, act, speak, and vote.

Someone these past few days noted that Hillary lost because she was more concerned about which bathrooms people can use than with the economy or the middle class that has been eviscerated by eight years of Obama policies, regulations, and the ACA.  Too true, but the Democrats still do not get it.  So wedded to identity/group politics they are about to make Keith Ellison head of the DNC.  Ellison is a confirmed anti-Semite, anti-Israel, pro-Hamas pal of Louis Farrakhan.  The Dems actually think they have to go harder left! 

The electoral map proved that the Democrat brand prevails, with a few exceptions, only on the coasts, and only in the north of the east coast.  The infuriated left in California wants to secede.  The state with the largest welfare dependent population, the most illegal immigrants, the highest taxed residents, thinks it can survive outside of the republic.  Who are these people and where did they study econ 101 let alone the Constitution?  Wherever they went to school, those basics were not taught.  Mr. Blanchfield and  Mr. Penzey know exactly nothing about the how the world works, or about history and its lessons.  Ms. Amanpour certainly should, as she has been an international correspondent for many years but she, too, has been so marinated in the primordial ooze of globalist leftism and the belief in her own intellectual primacy that she is absolutely contemptuous of the American people who voted for Trump, for a change in direction. 

CNN's Carol Costello, when confronted with a millennial conservative who uttered the words "traditional values" said, "I don't know what that means."  Therein lies the problem.  These people who decide what is news and how it will be reported, and assume their power in deciding who will be elected have no values beyond their political ideology, which is to overturn anything and everything that reeks of traditional values.  Blanchfield, Penzey and Amanpour will of course be celebrated by their peers for their "courageous stand" against Trump and his basket of deplorables.  They don't own bakeries, florist shops or pizza parlors that can be shuttered merely be exercising their freedom of religion.  

 Anyone who makes the left this apoplectic has got to be good for the country.  Trump just may be the man to right this ship.  These leftists are already scrambling for the lifeboats.

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