Rafael Cruz Remembers Life in Cuba

To shed some light on the death of Fidel Castro, I did an interview with Senator Ted Cruz's father Rafael, who lived under the oppressive regime of the Cuban dictator. Have you ever had experiences in which you felt as though your government was taking unfair advantage of you, and it seemed as though you had no power to do anything about it?  Have you written your congressman, senator, or county commissioner several times and only received form-letter responses?  I suppose that everyone has felt that way from time to time.  On the other hand, after you've finished complaining, did you ever feel that your life was threatened?  If not, you've never lived under a dictatorship. As Americans, we take freedom for granted because we've always had it.  That's why it's important for us to hear from those who have lived in places where freedom doesn't exist. "I was 17 years old when I spoke out publicly against the corrupt...(Read Full Article)