Is Hypocrisy a Character Trait of the Left?

We all think we know what hypocrisy is: claiming to have certain moral and ethical standards or beliefs to which one's own behavior does not conform.  But given the across the board hysterical response to Donald Trump's presidential win, it seems Octavio Paz's sentiment that hypocrisy can be a character trait applies.  "When hypocrisy is a character trait, it also affects one's thinking, because it consists in the negation of all the aspects of reality that one finds disagreeable, irrational or repugnant."

Hypocrisy is indeed a character trait of the American LeftFor months, the Left has been predicting that if Trump lost the election, which of course they assumed he would, his supporters would lash out violently.  They would rant, rave and riot.  Sure.  Just as conservatives did when McCain lost and Romney lost?  But here we are, a week and a half after the defeat of Hillary Clinton and leftists are still rioting, marching, and weeping.  Students on college campuses are behaving like ill-raised toddlers when they do not get what they want at the toy store.  Adults who should know better are comparing Trump's victory to 9/11!  That is how insane the left is today.  This reality, that Trump will be the new president, is apparently a bridge too far.  The left simply rejects it out of hand and are behaving badly.  They apparently did not realize that elections have consequences, as President Obama instructed us 8 years ago.

These crybabies, these celebrities, college professors and the students who fall under their spell, 90% of the news media, and the majority of the populations of California and New York are melting down because they find it impossible to accept a Trump presidency.  For them this development is thoroughly disagreeable, irrational and repugnant.  And so blinded by their conviction that their own views are the only correct views, they never saw it coming.  Sure they knew Trump voters existed but it never occurred to them that there were enough of them to elect him.  That is what makes this election outcome so delicious for all those people for whom these self-appointed societal gurus have expressed overt contempt over the years.  Are we not all sick and tired of hearing how only "white people without college degrees" will vote for Trump.  They were wrong about that.  They were wrong about so much.

Are we not all sick and tired of hearing how conservative Republicans are all "racist, xenophobic, homophobic, sexist and misogynist."  They regurgitate this lie about a population that voted for Obama twice. Their hypocrisy runs deep and has no bounds.  Like Hillary, they assume Trump is all these things, just as they assume those who voted for him are all these things.  Without a shred of evidence, they assume Trump strategist Steven Bannon is a “white nationalist."  Someone made this up is trying to make it stick.  And an anti-Semite?  There few people more pro-Israel than Bannon.  But then to assume is to make an ass of you and me as the old adage goes!

As absurdly as the news media and entertainment celebrities are reacting to the Trump win, it is the university administrators, professors and students that are the most puerile.  While most people know that college is no longer where people learn to think critically, grow up and learn to be productive, this knee-jerk effort to treat themselves and their students like "snowflakes," (the word fits because they melt at the slightest affront) is pathetic.

There is little question that in today's world, those who go to work after high school rather than university, if they can find a job, are more likely to have a better sense of reality than those who are coddled on a college campus for four years or more.  Parents are paying $60k+ a year for their kids to color, play with Legos and knead Playdough because they are upset about Trump.  Those parents should revolt.  "College-educated" no longer has the same meaning that people like David Brooks and his snooty cohorts at the New York Times assume it does.  Today it means "properly indoctrinated," ready to melt down on cue if triggered without warning or micro-aggressed.

George Soros is funding the protests, paying for the buses, the hand-made signs, etc.  The media know this but they do not report it.  The hypocrites on CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC and even Fox News pretend these masses of people are spontaneously rising up to deplore a perfectly legal democratic election.  The college students are so proud of themselves for defending the illegal immigrants to this country.  They are not yet cognizant that it is they who will be subsidizing them if and when the find employment.  They are so proud of their own compassion, so contemptuous of people who hope to keep the money they earn for their own families.  Had Hillary been elected, her proposed tax increases may well have precluded many of them completing their expensive educations.

So for all to see, the Leftists have exposed their own gross hypocrisy, their duplicity.  They refuse to accept the results of an election they were so certain would go their way.  They continue to indict as deplorable anyone who voted for Trump. So deluded by belief in their own superiority, they still think they are right and that they are smarter.  Hypocrisy is as much a part of their character as arrogance.

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