How America Won the Election

As pundits pontificate about why Donald Trump became our next President, one salient fact stands out. Most of those pundits live in big cities on the coasts. As Henry Kissinger reportedly said, "You have to live off the intellectual capital you bring to Washington, D.C. because you will never have any time to add to it once you get here!" Since many pundits have not spent any substantial time outside of these cities, one must wonder if their intellectual wallets are empty!

Having insulted the cadre that I join with this rant, let us consider the "flyover country" that the bicoastal blatherers ignored, but which elected Donald Trump. It is the part of the United States where crops are grown, minerals are mined, and things are built. It is not the place where pencils are worn out rewriting rules about how crops, minerals, and other things come to be developed or used. It is not the place where academics argue about the best way to move money around. It is the place where America lives. Yes, there are Americans in the company of those self-important elites, but they live there as strangers in a strange land.

America is not a place. America is an idea that lives in a place called the United States. America declares that if you invest yourself in making a better life, you will not have your chance to succeed stolen by the government. This is the core of who Americans are. The Left hates America, because it also declares that your success or failure is largely your own responsibility.

That word, "responsibility," is anathema to the Left because it implies consequences. So they turn it into a meaningless mantra, crossing their fingers behind their backs. "I take responsibility for exposing State Secrets on my email server" means, "…but it won't keep me from possibly becoming President."

Barack Obama is not an American. He is a Leftist. When he said, "You didn't build that," it was a slap in the face to every American. They heard him say that what they had accomplished was worthless. When he imposed ObamaCare on them, they heard, "You are too stupid to take care of yourself."

The Leftist agenda has subjected America to a death of a thousand cuts. For a while America did not consider the offense great enough to rebel. America was strong enough to overcome. But a tipping point came, and the Tea Party was born. Then it was suffocated by professional politicians on both sides of the aisle. They gave lip service to America, but collaborated with the Left. Deal-making offered too many personal profits to ignore.

Washington, D.C. has become the home of thousands of Frank Underwoods. Their lives revolve around making deals. What is in those deals is relatively unimportant. The crucial factor is that they come across Frank's desk so Frank can benefit. So if the financial industry brings a Dodd-Frank to them, the favor is given. Big financial institutions will see competition from smaller players dry up, since they can't afford the legal horsepower to comply. In the next cycle, the financial industry will have to pay the favor back. ObamaCare seemed to be a boon to insurers, so they backed it. The annual bottom line was all that mattered. If things fell apart, Congress would figure out how to keep the scam going. And it would all be hidden in a forest of regulations and accounting gimmicks.

Into this impenetrable forest now rides Saint Donald. His quest is to slay the dragon that lives in the District of Columbia. He is the champion for America. And America does not care whether he "drains the swamp" or "burns the place down." America does not even care whether Gollum and Sauron leave or stay to be burned with the city. The evil that is strangling America has to be eliminated.

The fact that some were deluded by the Dark Side did not matter. Many on the Left have not yet learned that the ten scariest words in the English language are, "I'm from the government and I'm here to help you." This kept them from seeing that Donald is coming to rescue them, not harm them.

Washington, D.C. has become "a home for demons and a haunt for every evil spirit, a haunt for every unclean and detestable bird." Success is not guaranteed, but America did not vote for success. America voted for an authentic champion to do battle with Mordor on the Potomac.