From One #NeverTrump to Another

I was a proud #NeverTrump person during the primaries because there were several far better candidates. Candidates who didn’t have sordid personal lives, who didn’t lie about their opponents, who didn’t change their position on issues every few days, and who weren’t recently hardcore liberals.

But now is different than then.

Contrary to what some sophists say the election is a binary event; either Hillary or Trump will become the next president. Anyone who denies that is living in fantasyland.

Hence the question is no longer “Is Trump the sort of man we want to be president?” but instead the question is “Who worse for the country; Hillary or Trump?”

A key related question is, can the country survive a Hillary presidency? If it’s possible, or likely, that she will effect such significant changes that no future conservative can ever hope to win the presidency, then those #NeverTrump folks who are saying that Trump will destroy the conservative brand are doing the equivalent of rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

We know that Hillary has no respect for the law or the Constitution; she’s essentially a fascist, and that her Supreme Court judges will be hardcore left-wing activists like the “Notorious RBG”.

Given that we can’t count on a Republican Congress to stop her, a rational observer would have to conclude that by the end of Hillary’s first term that either illegals will have been given the vote or that a corrupt DOJ would look the other way when illegals illegally vote.

Similarly a Hillary-packed Court would move to eviscerate the First Amendment not only for people of faith but to ensure that only liberal organizations could spend money on political campaigns. The latter would eliminate the only tool conservatives have to attempt to balance a media that is nearly totally in the tank for Hillary and her ilk.

Between the huge influx of voters who would vote for more welfare for themselves and conservative’s inability to get their message out, an unending succession of liberal politicians is inevitable.

Even if we assume that by some miracle four years of Hillary doesn’t destroy Democracy in America, there is a strong case for preferring Trump.

Hillary used a technicality to ensure that a man who raped a 12-year-old girl got two months in prison; Trump treats women better than that.

Hillary wants judges who think they can make the law; Trump wants judges who interpret the law.

Hillary says that churches have to change their teachings; Trump respects the First Amendment’s statement that people have the right to live their faith.

Hillary wants to crush the middle class by brining in cheap foreign labor; Trump is for workers, not the 1% who want cheap labor.

Hillary has a proven horrible record in running foreign policy; Trump can’t be worse.

Hillary is a founding member of the Media/Politician Complex whose loyalty is to her cronies, not the people; Trump is for the interests of the people.

Hillary views the government as her piggy bank to be exploited for personal gain; Trump earns his money the old-fashioned way

But even if all that isn’t enough, remember that from the moment he takes office Trump will be fighting against Congress and the Federal bureaucracy if he tries to do anything wrong. Some #NeverTrump folk have made a big deal of Trump’s desire to sue reporters who lie. But should Trump try to do that he’d have to overcome the Courts, the Congress, and the Federal bureaucrats.

On the other hand, should Hillary try to shut down free speech by conservatives we know that government workers in the IRS and DOJ would eagerly help her. Similarly, her Supreme Court judges would rule that Democrat leaning organizations could spend money on political messages while conservative groups couldn’t. Even if the Republicans control Congress they’ll just hold hearings but never hold the guilty responsible.

I don’t like Trump nor do I buy into the nonsense many of his supporters who idolize him believe in.

Nonetheless, it’s obvious that America will be infinitely better off with Trump as President.

Given that math is what it is every #NeverTrump conservative who either doesn’t vote or who votes third party is making it easier for Hillary to win.

I will vote for Trump because of his policies and because there is a chance that he will do the right thing on key issues, and if he doesn’t, the Congress and the Courts will stop him.

I will vote for Trump because we know from Hillary’s own words that she will definitely do the wrong thing on every issue that matters and that neither the courts nor Congress will stop her.

I will not say that Trump is a great guy or a true conservative. But in this election Trump, with all his failings, is the far better choice.

It’s time for every #NeverTrump to acknowledge that #NeverHillary is more important than #NeverTrump.

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