Drown Out the Lying MSM

Imagine you have a neighboring family who initiates a relationship by bringing you freshly baked cookies. You go on to have 4th of July barbecues at their home, and your families become close. Over time, you begin to trust one another for favors, such as letting the dogs out, watching the kids, or picking up the mail while you are away. Then, out of nowhere, your friends begin having personal troubles and descend into alcoholism, financial turmoil, and audible domestic disputes. Your daughter comes home early from playing at this family’s home because she saw the husband come unglued at his wife and daughter. Your son tells you that his friend, this family’s son, is covered in bruises and won’t explain where they came from. What do you do? While hoping for the best and praying for reconciliation, the wise man would distance his family from this unstable one if unable to intervene successfully.

Such is the conservative’s relationship to the American mainstream media. Older readers may remember an era when the media generally reported facts and left spin to the mind of the viewer, or at least wasn’t so crookedly biased. In accurately predicting President-Elect Trump’s victorious path through Michigan and Pennsylvania, I indicated that the media was distorting polling numbers deliberately to keep Trump supporters from bothering to vote. While Trump won an electoral landslide, only a relatively small chunk of votes made the difference in those two states and in Florida. Yes, the lying, propagandizing jackals in media nearly won the election for Clinton. They decided to hang together up until the bitter end, and are now predictably circling the wagons trying to figure out what went wrong. Everyone knew there was a secret Trump vote, and they still lied. Guess what? When you spend a year calling half of the country Nazis, there is going to be a secret vote.

In following the election cycle religiously for many months, I have noticed frantic commenters at pages like Breitbart and The Conservative Treehouse openly panicking about media hoaxes designed to cause dissent in the conservative movement. Most of these comments go something like, “Please tell me this isn’t true…”, or “CNN says Trump…” Why tolerate this any longer? As in the case of the dysfunctional neighbor family, it is past time to kick the mainstream media to the curb. Now that the media has fallen short in stopping a Trump election, they have moved on to the next stage, which is to wreak havoc on the right by casting doubt on cabinet selections and associated appointments. This will continue for no less than the next 48 months.

Do you enjoy being lied to? Or do you have to watch sports so badly that you’re willing to fork over $150 per month for a cable or dish subscription that directly funds people who hate you and everything you believe in and want to mislead you, all while insulting you to your face? In a budget-conscious move three years ago, I decided to terminate our television package. Not only did I drown out the weasels on my screen, I increased the amount of quality time spent with my family and saved a lot of money. For only a small, one-time donation to the leftist agenda, I bought a device that streams all sorts of movie, entertainment, documentary, and information programming. Now, if I absolutely must see a live game, I will make plans to drink a beer and have some wings at a local place.

Romney lost in 2012 and the RNC called for an “autopsy” to see what went wrong. This was done for no other reason than to say, “now what?” Just because the GOP swept the table in this election, we aren’t exempt from asking that same question. With WikiLeaks continuing to expose networks like CNN for corrupting the electoral process, speaking with your wallet is certainly the best message you can send. These corrupt networks will either die on the vine, or will be forced to repent, clean house, and attempt to earn the trust of viewers again, which is certainly highly unlikely.

If I could have it my way, I would have the option to have just a handful of sports, history, and military channels; however, they aren’t worth having if even a single nickel is going toward funding a group of morally-challenged hoaxers who were unwilling to alert the public of the serious nature of the many Clinton scandals for the simple purpose of manipulating public opinion and controlling the election. They lied until the bitter end, and I will never forget CBS calling states like Nevada or Colorado as soon as any daylight was visible between the candidates, but letting obvious red states drag on for hours on end. Don’t be the curmudgeon-like conservative who lets Fox News run all night just to have something to be angry about. Get rid of the propaganda, promote the new conservative Internet media, and make the lying devils pay the financial price. 

Seth Keshel, former Army captain and Afghanistan veteran, is a district captain for the Convention of States Project – Texas.

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