Dear Progressives, Thank You for Reminding Us of the Real Reasons We Fight You

As if they see the world in only one or two dimensions, so-called “progressives” seem incapable of processing their overwhelming emotions outside a narrow framework of self-pity and raging narcissism. Because they appear to think about the world around them in ways guided entirely by emotion, unlike their foes who see emotion as a dangerous foundation for permanent change, they react to disappointment or loss as self-righteous victims, or antisocial thugs, rather than mentally sound individuals. It seems necessary to their fragile psyches to believe that any opposition to their obvious superiority is illegitimate, and therefore its proponents deserving of punishment. The irony of this fact will be utterly lost on any progressive reading this.

We have been subjected to their scorn and ridicule for years. You will find it in the comments section that follows this or any other article that identifies them. However, you can also find it in your pick of violent confrontations with people expressing a view they don’t like, or assaults on police, or riots over fake narratives, or obnoxious thugs who verbally and physically assault otherwise decent people who resist. It’s all of a kind, and a common thread in all of this seems to be their belief in a right to be as offensive and aggressive as one can be, as if this validates the illusion that they’re right, and so are entitled to correct the nonbeliever. There is also the implied premise that virtue is the sole property of these embittered, angry zealots, whose reflexive dehumanization of every person who disagrees animates so much of what they say or do.

Normal, well-adjusted, mature people do not function at this level of hatred and vitriol against total strangers, or especially friends. Mentally well people do not insist that their behavior, no matter how anti-social, is permissible because they have granted themselves a “right” to do it, on the basis of their own “moral” superiority. Certainly each person is entitled to his or her own sense of morality, and those who possess a real one recognize that it is motivated by something greater than service only to themselves and their political agenda. However, when one crosses the line from proclaiming his morality to deciding that open hatred and violence are permissible to compel others to adopt and practice his brand of self-serving morality, any claim to objective virtue vanishes. Read Facebook and you know what I mean. In their bigotry, leftist moralists angrily chided us before and after the election for not admitting to our own bigotry, which they have made the sole explanation for our not surrendering to their agenda.

These unwell agents of coercive change are putting on quite a show for us and the world since their hero, whose primary qualification for president was that she urinates while sitting (perhaps), lost an unlosable contest to Donald Trump. To hear the rioting leftists tell it, or even the non-rioting ones, racism, or sexism, or Islamophobia, or homophobia, or some other slur, shared by tens of millions of strangers, and many friends, is the only possible explanation for how they and their burgeoning message of intolerance and division could have failed to win the day, the century, and eternity. Needless to say, those tens of millions of people, most of whom don’t belong to a special interest group which has become accustomed to using government as a bludgeon to advance undemocratic “change” for the last eight years, bear no actual resemblance to the caricature the left needs them to be. Such is virtue on the left.

What is lost on these human fire hoses of vitriol and intolerance is that they, and their smears and violent behavior in a still-civilized society, were foremost among the reasons that people voted for an alternative that did not include their agenda, after years of having radical government officials force liberal “change” down our throats. That their goals or objectives might suffer troubled no one who voted against them, since anything considered desirable and worthy to so many unhinged and irrational people is obviously something to be wary of in a society of people who don’t blow the place up because they are angry. Calling for vindictive retaliation against political opponents, whites, the wealthy, religious, those who hold other beliefs, cops, or an ordered society in general, all after getting everything you’ve wanted and more for eight years, helpfully affirms for normal citizens that these folks are largely what’s wrong. No matter what they get, it is never enough, because it never will be.

In case you didn’t know who would rule society in a Clinton presidency, the radicals are rioting over the opportunity they lost. They fully intended to conquer us. Some have openly said that there will be bloodshed now, which they seem to desire as their own overt racism and bigotry, superimposed upon their enemies, is laid bare. What target of “progressive” hatred, being finally backed into a corner and forced to defend the right to think differently, and live free of the tyranny of frothing mental patients, would vote for that? It doesn’t matter whether the haters are black or white, female or male, gay or straight, Muslim or not, or any other self-appointed superior class. We are repulsed by the bigotry of their monolithic ideologies, not their identity.

As bad as the message is, many people have finally come to understand that the messengers are equally problematic, and that if they demand something, it’s quite probably bad for the rest of us. They have declared their goals and ours to be mutually exclusive. They serve only themselves, and their own subjective beliefs, while railing that all other beliefs must be punished and condemned. That they do this while simultaneously preaching to us about tolerance and unity is almost too ridiculous to describe. Delusionalism and progressivism apparently are twins.

These vengeful members of the Democrat party are doing us a favor. They are reminding us that there is no middle ground in their agenda, and they still intend to control us. They hate what they have decided we are, and are not remotely interested in hearing otherwise. They are showing us that if they don’t get their way, they will respond with violence, verbal and physical, because we do not agree or embrace an agenda which purposefully spits on our history, our beliefs, our rights, our faith and our patriotism. We cannot negotiate with that, which to them means the conflict is entirely our fault. If only we would stop resisting and allow them to enforce their agenda, or punish us terminally, it would all be better -- for them. Whenever they burn a flag, that is the America they demand. This is what radical extremism looks like.

Don’t let the therapy dogs, the crayons, or the cry-ins fool you. They are not asking how we can come together. They are not seeking dialogue. They discuss only how to defeat us and take what they want. We have no place in their thought-controlled utopian disaster. Winning this election only delayed the total victory they still pursue. The prize is everything we have, every freedom we treasure, and every right that protects us from them and from forced conversion to their conflicting and incoherent ideologies, each of which is long on victimhood, smug self-righteousness and anger, but short on wisdom. We will either win, or be conquered and ruled by emotional bigots and violent sociopaths, who thankfully remind us each day how far they have already descended, and why we cannot surrender and join them.

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