CTRL-L: The Left Loses Its Unremitting Fight for Control

My friend Professor Charles Lipson has suggested this title -- CTRL-L as an alternate to Alt-R not only because it’s a witty rejoinder to the tag, but as well because it accurately describes the left, a faction always seeking control over us. And they lost handily on Tuesday.

This week the left -- its propagandizing press, pollsters, and university leftist monoculture -- suffered a long deserved and punishing blow, but what it could not win at the ballot box it is attempting to regain in the streets. They seem to want elections to be resolved by the number of people they can turn out to riot and disrupt.

A brief recap of the most astonishing electoral turnabout in recent memory.

1.) The Media and the Pollsters lost their clout by incompetence and deceit

Pre-election night polls and media coverage reflected that leftist monoculture.

The pollsters should now begin shuttering their shops and looking for real work. After months of predicting a certain substantial Hillary win, they predicted the following results:

NBC/SM: Clinton +6

Ipsos: Clinton +4

NBC/WSJ: Clinton +4

ABC/WaPo: Clinton +4

Herald: Clinton +4

Bloomberg: Clinton +3

Only IBD and Dornslife predicted a Trump win.

The entire media, even Fox News, reflected the bias against Trump, a bias well-documented in the Wikileaks disclosures of the Podesta emails, showing the media conniving to feed Clinton debate questions and coordinating their coverage with Hillary and the DNC. (An excellent look at the campaign can be found in Don Surber’s book about it.)

Media and pundits predicted that Hillary would win in a landslide, and they freaked out when the voters ignored their predictions:

One of the New York Times’ lead op-ed writers, Thomas Friedman, wailed that “at the moment I am in anguish, frightened for my country and for our unity. And for the first time, I feel homeless in America.”

The leftist Huffington Post’s senior politics editor, Sam Stein, wrote that Americans “chose to jump into the abyss” by electing Trump. Mirroring the Times’ race-baiting, Stein wrote that Trump “is a nativist, and one who has brought in his wake a scary thread of anti-Semitism and racism that has marred the entire 16-month presidential campaign.”

Slate featured articles with such outrageous headlines as “White Women Sold Out the Sisterhood and the World by Voting for Trump” and “White Won.” The latter article’s sub-heading was “We are still the country that produced George Wallace. We are still the country that killed Emmett Till.” One headline Slate did probably get right was “Donald Trump Will Erase the Obama Era.” Obama had made the election a referendum on his own legacy and the voters gave him their verdict.

David Corn wrote in Mother Jones that “America is broken.” Trying to be too clever by half, Corn added that “Hate did trump.”

ABC’s Martha Raddatz, who had moderated one of the presidential debates, had to hold back tears acknowledging Trump winning the presidency, insinuating soldiers’ lives could be in danger.

CNN’s Van Jones called the election of Donald Trump a “nightmare,” which represented a “white lash against a changing country… a white lash against a black president in part.”

Finally, MSNBC’s commentators were apoplectic. Chris Matthews certainly did not have the Obama-induced thrill up his leg when he complained, “This is a shot against meritocracy, I think.” Rachel Maddow told her audience, as Trump’s victory was becoming a reality, “you’re not having a terrible, terrible dream. Also you’re not dead and you haven’t gone to hell.”

I’d add the execrable Bill Press to the list of examples of Lefty media personalities with egg on their faces today: 

GOP owes apology to America

By Bill Press - 11/07/16 05:51 PM EST

God is good. Finally! This execrable 2016 presidential election crawls to a close today. And there’s no doubt what should happen next.

Tonight, we count the votes. First thing tomorrow morning, Republican leaders should line up to apologize for the pain, humiliation and monumental embarrassment they’ve inflicted on the American people by nominating Donald Trump.

Austin Bay reflects on how Trump defeated Hillary and the “seemingly dominant Media”

Referring to the NY, DC, and LA media’s once dominant control of news coverage, he explained why the “mainstream media” has been demoted to the “seemingly dominant media” with the advent of talk radio and the Internet.

The fly-over, deplorable Americans of 2016 were wise to the “seemingly dominant media” scam. Not only were they wise to it, they were fed up with it.

In contrast to Trump, Hillary maintained “public and private positions,” and the SDM (Seemingly Dominant Media -- could mean SaDomasochistic Media) let her get away with it.

Wikileaks didn’t let her get away with it. Check the previous link. In a paid speech to Wall Street elites she admitted, with pride, she had public and private positions that differed. The Wall Street elites paying her outrageous speaking fees got the private position -- the accurate, inside skinny sketching what she’d really do once she had presidential power.

Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank and the other financial powers that paid those ridiculous fees bet that Hillary’s hypocrisy and Hillary’s lies would win the election.

Alas, the smart money lost that bet. Trump won.


George Stephanopoulos’ wife, Ali Wentworth, said that she and her husband would leave the U.S. and go to Australia if Trump won.

George, old boy. You’re the Democrat operative with a byline who ginned up the phony Republican “war on women” meme in the 2012 election. You also donated 75 grand to the Clinton Foundation and didn’t mention it to your audience until, you know, it sleazed out.


Aside to Team ABC: George Stephanopoulos was never a journalist and you jerks knew it from the get-go. Stephanopoulos was there to slam Republicans and push Democrats. Yet Team Hilary lost the election. Your scam’s over, Team ABC. You don’t believe it. But it is. 

Newsweek, which last sold for one dollar, was forced to recall 125,000 copies of its souvenir Madam President edition.

We’re just not so into you fools any more. And apparently even the editor of the NYT –- the paper which published a piece suggesting it was okay for journalists to abandon objective reporting to help Hillary, has now relented. and said “that the paper would “reflect” on its coverage of this year’s election while rededicating itself to reporting on “America and the world” honestly.”

Online friends remain skeptical of this new found “humility” of the formerly dominant media:

“It's hard to see how the press can survive this -- who wants to PAY for snotty lectures from 20-somethings who failed math? Small-town papers offer coverage of high-school sports and publish obituaries, but how long can that last? They already lost the classified ad revenue stream to Craigslist and ad-hoc Facebook groups.”

2.) Who did vote for Trump?

The great cartoonist Michael Ramirez captured the mood. He refashioned the famous photo of Harry Truman holding up a copy of the Chicago Tribune edition which said “Dewey won” -- this time headed “Media Defeats Trump”. 

Dennis Prager laughed out loud at Paul Krugman’s post-election pissing and moaning:

How exactly did people who voted for Donald Trump not value Democratic norms and the Rule of Law? No, no. What is he talking about? The man is a hysteric. Most of the columnists of the New York Times are hysterics. I read them as a psychological exercise. The Opinion Page of The New York Times is a vapid page. Vapid, which is a very serious word for empty. It is empty, it is intellectually and morally shallow in the extreme. They rub each others backs. They think identically. And they really don't think, they feel. The defeat for the Left, which is all this is about for me, it was not about Trump, it was not about Clinton, It is about the destructive, utterly destructive force of the Left in Western Civilization, that cancer, took place last night in the United States of America. It is not possible to overstate how important this is. We may, we don't know, we may have saved America yesterday.

The constant efforts to denigrate and demoralize potential Trump voters by the Democrats and the media reflected their misunderstanding of the mood of the country. Trump voters were not the ignorant, biased, sexist yahoos they said we were.

Early information based on exit polling (concededly often flawed) apparently revealed that white women were just not that into Hillary. White women led Trump to victory:

“White women without a college degree supported Trump over Hillary Clinton by nearly a two to one margin. White women with a college degree were more evenly divided, with 45% supporting Trump, compared with 51% supporting Clinton.

“There’s your shy Trump vote,” Republican pollster Kristen Soltis Anderson tweeted on Tuesday night, noting that Trump had only lost white women with college degrees by a narrow margin.”

The notion that uneducated men voted for Trump and those with college degrees did not also seems to have been false.

“In fact the uneducated white men voting for Trump belief is false. In fact, white college grads voted 49% Trump, 45% Clinton.”

The Washington Post reported a rather even split in voters with or without a college degree:

“Contrary to some of the conventional wisdom out there about the 2016 voter, this was a more highly educated electorate than in 2012. It split evenly -- 50 percent for each -- between college grads and non-college grads. Four years ago, 53 percent of the electorate was non-college grads as compared to 47 percent who had a college degree.”

All this is remarkable when you consider the monoculture of the left dominated colleges and universities in the U.S.

3. Truth and Consequences.

On January 23, 2009 Obama said to then House Republican whip Eric Cantor: “Elections have consequences, and at the end of the day, I won.” Obama’s almost eight years in office have led to a significant weakening of his party both in the Congress and the states and left his own party in shambles. Contrary to the oft-repeated meme that Trump would destroy his party, Pelosi seems to be fighting a backfire and it looks as though the far left Moslem convert Keith Ellison of Minnesota will head the DNC, a choice revealing that the party has now been captured by those who still don’t get it about their own country and will lose even more clout.

The Trans Pacific Pact seems to have died unborn. Mexico and Canada have expressed their willingness to renegotiate NAFTA, 1.4 million people who admitted they were here illegally and gave the government their names and addresses to apply for Obama’s Executive Order amnesty, have caught on that it’s not worth a dime and will be cancelled as soon as Trump takes office. Many are reported to be self-deporting themselves.

Egypt’s Al-Sisi was the first to telephone Trump and thank him for the much-deserved support against the Moslem Brotherhood, which Trump seems to want to add to the terrorist list along with CAIR. Netanyahu’s been invited to the Trump White House (and not by the garbage door). The South Koreans have said they want to set up an auto plant in the U.S. The Philippine president and Russia’s Vladimir Putin have expressed a desire for better relations now.

Most of the Democratic and White House staffers believed the media and pollster bunkum and didn’t even bother having backup plans for other employment. The contacts they had are now powerless, the regulations they worked on are likely to be abolished along with many of the bureaus and agencies for which they toiled. They will all be competing with each other for the few jobs available. I often think the arrogance of the elite is a mask to hide their insecurity about their right to rule. They’re about to learn why those insecurities are realistic.

I know you’ll be astonished to learn that the entertainment geniuses who promised to leave the country if Trump were elected are not yet packing their bags.

4. The Protests and Collegiate Wailing

Never before having heard a discouraging word, whining, distraught college students seek counseling, safe spaces, and postponement of exams. To quote the great Iowahawk: "Trump is what happens when you spent the last 7 Thanksgiving dinners lecturing your angry uncle from your Vox index cards."

For those on the campuses fetishizing victimhood and psychological frailty, congratulations on producing the most laughable generation in history.

America is filled with truly hurting and broken people. They are an entirely different class of individuals than the growing number of college students demanding safe spaces and trigger warnings.

Curiously, the loudest cries often come from students attending the most expensive and elite colleges. Poor single moms trying to work their way through community college don’t have time to fetishize victimhood. I know that there are students who legitimately struggle with mental illness and they should get the help they need, but as a nation we cannot afford to celebrate and promote psychological fragility.

Nothing good can come from treating colleges like hospitals, places where sick students come to be quarantined and healed. Instead, we should treat colleges like fitness centers for the brain, places where students learn to build their mental muscles. Training is hard, sometimes painful. But it makes one stronger.

When you forbid people to speak by silencing them and banning their ideas, they’ll speak in the voting booth.

Being “offended” or running to your safe spaces or banning their speech isn’t working. 

On the West Coast we see kids holding Mexican flags, rioting, and burning our flag while screaming “This is not my country” in cities which ironically did not vote for Trump. Correct, it’s not. If you think elections should be resolved by who creates the most street violence, then leave and return to the hellholes where that’s the case.

As Howie Carr observes

“Have you noticed how many of the riff-raff can’t wait to go in front of the TV cameras to announce in broken English that the reason they hate President-elect Trump is because they’re illegal aliens.

Then they hold up their signs saying “NOT MY PRESIDENT!”

Well then, of course he’s not your president. You’re from Guatemala, or maybe Honduras.

Last night, as a public service to the viewing public, Fox News Channel started running English-language subtitles under the anti-Trump sound bites. I’m serious.”

The riots continue, though we know many are paid demonstrations of the sort Dem shills Move On and OWS are known for. And the question’s been raised, why has the president not stopped them. Is he trying for leverage to force Trump to clear him and other administration officials of the wrongdoing they think is about to be revealed?

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