Bureaucratic Tyranny in Trump's Crosshairs

Federal bureaucrats have been in a frenzy of activity in Obama's last months of office, pushing through 4,000 new regulations that will cost consumers more than $100 million.  As liberal website Politico proudly reported, "Obama's executive agencies are intent on pushing through the president's priorities without congressional interference[.]" Trump has promised to rein in our overreaching bureaucracy through attrition.  His rival in the primaries, Jeb Bush, suggested three bureaucrats retire for each new hire.  That might save some money, but it will not get the job done of ending corruption and bureaucratic tyranny.  We have elected a man famous for two words: "You're fired!"  For Trump to legalize that simple act, as necessary in the government as in business, will be nothing less than a revolution. We have a VA that purposely lets vets die without medical care.  We have an EPA at war with the energy...(Read Full Article)