Benghazi and Hillary's Defeat

During Thanksgiving people say what they are thankful for around the dinner table. If there is any reason to rejoice over the fact Hillary Clinton was not elected president, it is encompassed in one word: Benghazi. The 3 A.M. phone call came and she did not answer the call. Americans still do not know the truth and facts surrounding her role in this tragic incident.

Lydie M. Denier has just released her book, A Voice For Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens. Denier, the former fiancé of Ambassador Stevens and Patricia Smith, the mother of Sean, the information officer in Libya, discussed with American Thinker their feelings about the election, Hillary Clinton, and the Benghazi cover-up.

Lydie is disgusted that people are rioting and in mourning because Hillary Clinton was not elected president. As a Hollywood actress, Lydie, has some words of advice for her peers, “When they asked me why I was against having a woman president, I responded, ‘I want one, but not her.  Lots of my Hollywood friends say ‘I am now moving away’. I answered go, and I will help you pack.  Move on.’”

She wanted people to know that for the past three years she has had a hard time getting A Voice For Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens published. “I was told, who cares about his life?  This sounded like they were echoing Hillary Clinton’s comment before the Congressional Committee when she said ‘what difference does it make?’ It does matter because Chris needed a voice and I am happy to be it. He was always in my heart and I wanted people to get to know him as a great human being. In going through his stuff his mother found some pictures with me. The letters I have, some of which I published, show him to be a very romantic and thoughtful person. It has been a constant fight to get the story out, and I had to publish it in Canada.”

Lydie told how she saw emails where Clinton referred to the ambassador as “Sean Stevens,” when asking if she should immediately go public or wait until the next day. Was she uncaring or ignorant as she mixed up the names of those who died?

She also wonders what happened to Chris’ journal, since he kept one every day. “I heard his passport, belongings, and journal were never given to his family. I can speculate that someone gave them to the State Department. Who knows what they did with them, possibly burning them. There was also a picture of him taken the day he died where he is standing between two men. I was told those were the two who are responsible for Chris’ death.”

The book has a quote that shows her frustration, “No one seems interested in digging for the facts to learn the truth about what happened to Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty, who died tragically and needlessly that day. Instead, they want to obscure the truth to protect a political position...”

The quote is more applicable today since the Wikileaks emails have come out. They show how Hillary Clinton told the truth to Chelsea, but not the American people. Lydie noted, “I want Americans to understand that Clinton sent him to Benghazi without any security. She ignored the 600 requests for help. He had been to Benghazi twice before. Even though she knew how dangerous it was she sent him there because she wanted a presence on September 11th. He was to go there in August 2012 but because of the lack of security he and his team cancelled it. The trip was supposed to be postponed until October or November. Chris went there on 9/11 because she directly told him to go.”

She went on to say that “Chris had decided it was way too dangerous and had decided not to finish his term as ambassador and to come home. He was thinking of retiring because he saw a lack of respect within the State Department. Gregory Hicks told me they had tried desperately to get help after receiving the call from Chris that they were under attack. He felt powerless since he could not convince anyone to send help. Probably because this was the real “3 A.M.” phone call and she was sleeping.”

Patricia Smith echoes Lydie’s sentiments. She also believes Clinton was sleeping and that she “never had their backs. I suspect she knew what was going on and went to bed. Her lies were never-ending. First, she looks me in the eye and says that a video caused my son’s death, and then when I called her on it she says ‘one of us is lying and its not me,’ basically calling me a liar. When I tried to get answers no one in the State Department spoke with me because ‘You are not part of the immediate family.’”

She went on to say that she does not even know where her son is buried and worries that his body is not the one in the casket brought back to America. “They never opened up the casket so I could see him. They did not even take them out of Libya in an American plane, probably because it was too dangerous. I truly believe she murdered my son.”

Lydie and Patricia are glad Hillary Clinton lost, but it is a bittersweet victory since that will never bring back their loved ones. As Lydie noted, “How could anyone have trusted Clinton to take care of this whole country when she could not even take care of four men in Benghazi. I truly believe Hillary Clinton’s choice to sit still, leaving Americans alone, to fend for themselves in Benghazi, will go down in history as a singular act of cowardice.”

The author writes for American Thinker.  She has done book reviews, author interviews, and has written a number of national security, political, and foreign policy articles.