After Political Correctness Comes Trumpidor

I take as revealed truth that to get voters to reach 90% on any issue, you have to scare the pants off them. That is why blacks voted 88% and LGBTs voted 78% for Clinton in the CNN exit polls.

On that view it makes complete sense that the Clinton voters have been rioting for the past week. They are scared, because that’s what the Democrat leaders have taught them, to hate and to fear.

What fools they are, what dominated fools to think that Clinton was the Earth and sky. But now that she has lost, nobody is going to start lynching blacks or rounding up gays. That’s not because because we white normals are perfect people, not at all. Just like every human, we are deeply prejudiced, and we like our own best. But we don’t believe in using politics to change the world; we are just not that interested in power.

But here we have the mind-numbed robots of the Democrats demonstrating in the streets and feeling afraid for their lives and their IUDs as though it was still Selma, Alabama in 1965, and women were still being taken as slaves after the sack of Troy. What is going on here?

I will tell you. There is one word for it: intellectual terrorism.

And leftist intellectual terrorism has two parts. The first part is the shut up the opposition; the second part is to fill the supporters with hate and fear.

It all started with the workers. In 1848 a couple of rich kids, Karl and Fritz, predicted that the workers would end up just like the peasants and starve at the hands of their bourgeois employers in a repeat of feudalism. So Karl and Fritz decided to declare intellectual war on the bourgeoisie and scare the pants off the workers. Only the workers didn’t starve; they prospered. And why? In part because the bourgeoisie was not that interested in power.

By 1900 it was clear that the working class was rising up to an economic decency. So the rich kids of the Frankfurt School, Max and Ted and Herb, decided to do for women and the blacks what Karl and Fritz had done for the workers. They would scare the skirts off women and minorities, and silence the bourgeoisie with repressive tolerance, the intellectual terrorism that we now call political correctness.

Only they were pushing in an open door. Women got the vote right away, and they now get more education than men, and have spent the last century moving into the public square, and as Georg Simmel prophesied, they have changed it to suit “a more feminine sensibility.” In the U.S. blacks got full civil rights in the 1960s. And gays got into a group hug with the ruling class after Stonewall. Oh, and in 2008 America elected an African-American to be President of the United States. How could this happen? Because the middle class is not that interested in power.

How bad can it be, lefties? You guys got everything that you wanted. What’s wrong?

Oh, I forgot. The “undocumented workers” and the Muslims, helpless victims of xenophobia and Islamophobia, are the new victims du jour that progressives are going to get government to empower. Not to mention climate change.

The fact is that everything you liberals wanted to do, except rebuild America’s bathrooms to suit a more transgendered sensibility, is done -- and it probably could have been done without all the intellectual terrorism inspired by Karl and Fritz and Max and Ted and Herb, scaring the pants off the victims and silencing the bourgeoisie. So you can take your street armies and your racist BLMs and La Razas and your segregated dorms, your “Studies” degrees, your “mostly peaceful protests,” and demobilize the activists and tell them to go get a job.

And you can take your racist, sexist, homophobe, xenophobe, Islamophobe pejorative slurs and put ‘em where the sun don’t shine.

Here is what you get wrong, lefties. It is the idea that politics is something that liberates and emancipates, or that government can empower people.

It isn’t. Politics is division, government is injustice. They are necessary evils, not means of transcendence. When you teach your supporters to hate and to fear, and when you silence your opposition with political correctness you reveal yourselves as totalitarian thugs.

And another thing. Today’s culture of political correctness isn’t really intellectual terrorism. Terrorists are insurgents, outsiders without the power to organize a real army. Today’s special snowflake SJWs are insiders, coddled street thugs of a ruling class intellectual Reign of Terror.

Read your history, liberals. After the French Reign of Terror came Thermidor, as I wrote on AT in May.

And after the politically correct Reign of Terror comes Trumpidor.

But you are the educated ones; you knew that, right?

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