Hello Democrats, I’m Here to Help

In the last week, as the magnitude of the Trump and Republican victory has started to sink into the group mind of the ruling class, various thoughtful people have stepped in to help our Democratic friends to get back on track.

For instance, Ted Van Dyk in the Wall Street Journal proposed that the Dems should appoint a committee. Yay! That should do it.

But I have a different approach. I think mental health professionals call it intervention.

Dear Democratic friends: your tribalist identity politics stinks. Politics is division, and a very dangerous thing that we all need to keep in its box. So when you terrify blacks and Hispanics and single women and LGBTs into tribalism with your identity politics you are setting up a monster; you are teaching the white deplorable majority to adopt identity politics too. Instead, you should be teaching the victims to grow out of their identity ghettos and just become hyphenless responsible American citizens.

Dear Democratic friends: your dominatory big government philosophy stinks. First of all, it’s the Science! Big government cannot work because it can’t compute prices, and bureaucrats just don’t have the bandwidth to rule the world, as in the real life test of Obamacare. It leads, in this video (1:30), to Herbert Marcuse waving his hands in the air about the lack of human progress in the modern era, with its “dehumanization” and “brutalization.” So why do you chaps insist on big government, Herbie? Dehumanization and brutalization go with with big government like ham and eggs. Let’s stipulate that the poor need big government help. But what about the basket of responsibles? Shouldn’t the non-poor be stepping out to take on ourselves the responsibility for our health care and pensions and education themselves instead of leaving it up to big government?

Dear Democratic friends: your hegemonic elite culture stinks. When Hillary Clinton let slip her Deplorables stink bomb she was speaking to an LGBT fundraiser and she told the LGBTs what they wanted to hear, that anyone not 100% behind the gay agenda was beyond the pale. Look, I get that LGBTs are what we might call sexual People of the Creative Self; they are getting creative about sex. But I think that the Number One thing that People of the Creative Self must understand is that they owe the rest of society an attitude of tolerance and forbearance. If you want to do wild and crazy things, go ahead. But it is your responsibility not to frighten the horses. Joseph Campbell in his Hero’s Journey confirmed the wisdom of his namesake. He said that the creative Hero in myth is always required to go down into the underworld (i.e. for an out-of-town tryout) to learn his creative chops, and only after becoming sadder and wiser can he return to society and become a Really Useful Engine (as in Thomas the Tank Engine, the book).

I don’t suppose that any Democrat out there will pay the least attention to this sage advice. But I would at least ask a question, from the central finding in Charles Murray’s Coming Apart: The State of White America 1960-2010. Murray writes that among the bottom 30 percent of whites that live in “Fishtown” the men don’t work much and the women don’t marry much. Read more here.

I ask my Democratic friends to think long and hard about what this means, and what “we” in America should do about it. How can it be after a century of progressive politics that the folks in “Fishtown” live lives so dehumanized and brutalized. Something has gone wrong with the progressive movement.

Really, there is no help for our Democratic friends until they start to believe in a healthy and enlightened world view like my reductive Three Peoples theory. Here is what Three Peoples philosophy would recommend for the Democratic Party.

Democrats should encourage the People of the Subordinate Self, the workers and peasants, to grow out of their victimhood and join the responsible middle class.

Democrats should encourage the People of the Responsible Self, the Deplorables of which we’ve heard tell, to strike out a bit and get a little creative every now and again. Make it easier for them to start businesses and step away from the safety of the big corporation.

Democrats should encourage the People of the Creative Self -- the evolved, the educated, the artists and writers -- to understand that not everyone wants to be an artist or writer or activist, and creatives should stop forcing the Deplorables to kow-tow to their creative plans in sex, in politics, and in culture, and practice the tolerance they preach.

The whole idea of the left was to liberate the working class from the hegemony of the bourgeois ruling class. How come that our modern educated ruling class wants to dominate everything in sight?

Christopher Chantrill @chrischantrill runs the go-to site on US government finances, usgovernmentspending.com. Also see his American Manifesto and get his Road to the Middle Class.

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