Trump Is Correct: 30 to 40 Million Illegals Can Be Deported

Donald Trump's plan to deport the 30 to 40 million illegal alien invaders living in America was met with howls of anguish from the left and legacy right.  But the plan is eminently doable. The first thing to recognize is that the illegal alien problem arose because of the 1987 Reagan Amnesty nearly 30 years ago.  By some estimates, up to 40 million people have entered the USA illegally since that time, so encouraging them to leave may take an extended period of time as well.  With time, many concerns from the left about breaking up families and leaving children crying alone in the streets can be humanely and empathetically addressed, thus negating any moral arguments of cruelty to the families of illegals.   Somehow, the left and corporatist right have come to believe that our country would collapse without illegal immigration and open borders.  We should remind those bleeding hearts who support the invasion of our country by third-worlders that, for...(Read Full Article)