This Election Isn't about Trump

This election is not about Donald Trump. The name on the Republican presidential ballot could have been any of the 16 that ran in the primary races. The name doesn’t matter. What matters is the reason for winning. The reason is to restore the heart of America.

Ask yourself, do you really want Obamcare for the rest of your lives, your children’s lives? Each year it gets engrained more and more into our society making it harder to get rid of. If the Democrats win it stays; if they gain back control of the House and Senate, they may add to it. Even Bill Clinton in Michigan this past week said it was crazy.

Again, the name Trump on the top of the ticket does not matter. I hear you, I understand: his language against women, his alleged assaults. You are right, it’s bad; so is the language in locker rooms or bars or other places men hang out. This is a diversion from our main mission.

Ask yourself; can I really trust Mrs. Clinton? If she wins, we have heard her statements on issues like Benghazi. They asked for increased security and the State Dept. never gave it. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the attack was due to a video, but we found out later she knew different. She has a long history of lying to the American people. Back in 1996 she claimed when she landed in Bosnia she had to run cause she was under sniper fire.

These are just two of her many, many lies to the American people. Do you really fear Donald Trump more?

Again, don’t let Donald Trump being president scare you. With all his faults, you can trust him a whole lot more than Hillary. I still hear you: what about his taxes or going bankrupt? It all window dressing to get you off track of our real goal, and that is to take back America. Sure 4 of his hundreds of business ventures went bankrupt; millions of people in America have, and yes his was way larger. It’s allowed. He is a businessman and business people use bankruptcy all the time to improve their positions, to save money, keep jobs. Look at General Motors; are you saying you will never buy a GM car because they went bankrupt?  Tax deductions? We all take whatever the law lets us take. That’s why you go to places like H&R Block or buy that computer software, so you become aware of the tax deductions you are allowed to take. I’m sure some of you have had loses and carried them forward to avoid paying taxes just as Mr. Trump did. Well except his were larger than yours or mine. It’s okay, don’t get distracted by it.

Republicans are different in many ways from Democrats and I am not talking political views. The overall view of Democrats seems to be, the end justifies the means. I can hear you now saying, that’s not true, and we care. Well, when was the last time a Democrat was thrown out of office for doing something wrong? No it wasn’t Charles Rangel, even though he was found guilty on 11 counts of House ethics violations, failing to report rental income from a villa in the Dominican Republic, (How do you forget you own an multi million dollar villa?) It was Anthony Weiner for his photos and he almost got away with it. Hard working union Democrats still love Bill Clinton even if he signed NAFTA into law and cost many of them their jobs. Many Democrats are great Catholic believing people, but they still vote for Democrats who are pro-abortion. Democrats are willing to divide their beliefs in order to get the ends that they want and stay united in the process.

Republicans, well we like to bury our wounded. First to get elected you have to pass a whole set of litmus tests to see if you are conservative enough, if you agree on all the right issues, get the proper endorsements, then you have to get elected with only partial support of all GOP voters since you may not have passed all their tests. Then if you drop the ball somewhere along the way, you get beat up on by your own party and if it’s bad enough you are thrown out, while the Democrats just watch while we do their work for them. Why can’t we unite like the Democrats do?

We are killing ourselves and letting the other side win! Why? The GOP needs to do something it may have never done, and that is getting united against a common foe. Look at Hillary Rodham Clinton. Do you really want her, America? Will she go back to “President Rodham” if elected? Will you let it happen just because we do not have a perfect candidate?

Really? Well that perfect choice is not coming to run for president. A half a sandwich to a starving man is better than no food at all.

I consider myself a conservative first, then a Republican, but I am a realist too. Yes I want a candidate to walk and talk and believe in a certain way. But, I want to first of all make sure the other side doesn’t win.  Because their beliefs are truly not my beliefs.

I know it’s rare, if not impossible to get a candidate that matches up 100% to what you want. So we have to choose. Thus I beg you, I plead with you to really look at what Hillary will and can do if elected president. If you say I am still voting for Hillary cause I just can’t stand Trump, well don’t complain about what you will get in the next 8 years. Yes, I said 8 years because I see no one on the horizon that will defeat her if elected in 4 years. That means liberal laws, liberal judges, more lies to the America people. You will have wished you had voted for Trump. If Trump wins he still will have to deal with Congress to get his ideas past and that isn’t so easy. Just look who is running both Houses.

So I say for the last time, this election is not about Donald Trump. The name doesn’t matter. What matters is the reason for winning. The reason is to restore the heart of America. 

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