The Victims Speak: This Is What Hillary Did

There they go again.  People are horrified about the accusations women are making against Donald Trump.  Yet, looking at what Hillary Clinton has said and done professionally and personally over the years, she is an enabler, an accomplice, and a bully.

What Mr. Trump should do is pivot away, talk about issues of concern, and allow others to talk about the issue of women.   But it is understandable how he can be frustrated with those who claim they will not vote for him because they are taking the moral high ground.  American Thinker interviewed Juanita Broaddrick and Kathy Shelton's spokesperson, Candice Jackson, regarding their opinions about the Clintons' disregard for women.

Juanita recounted how Bill Clinton in 1978 invited her to discuss her concerns about the nursing home industry any time she came to Little Rock.  Three weeks later, she was there for a meeting.  She and Clinton were to meet at a coffee shop, but at the last minute, he changed it to her hotel room because of the noise.  While making chitchat, he pointed down to an old building, putting his hand over her shoulder.  He then turned her around and forced her on to the bed, violently raped her, and bit her top lip to stop her from yelling for help.

Hillary Clinton was quoted in 2015 as saying, "To every survivor of sexual assault…you have the right to be heard.  You have the right to be believed.  We're with you."  Too bad she did not feel that way in 1975 when defending a rapist who assaulted twelve-year-old Kathy Shelton.  Typical of defense attorneys, she put the blame on Kathy, with various interrogations and accusations of being a liar.  Clinton smeared and humiliated this rape victim, who was beaten so savagely that she nearly died.  Why would Clinton go with this defense strategy if she were a true advocate of women and children?  Jackson's answer: "She unethically and immorally blamed a twelve-year-old victim."

It is understandable that anyone accused of rape deserves a defense attorney.  But if Hillary Clinton is such an advocate of women's rights, how could she become a defense attorney where she would be in a position of defending rapists of children?  Beyond that, she showed no empathy by laughing on an audiotape about the incident and getting her client off, and she never said she was sorry. 

Candice, author of Their Lives: The Women Targeted by the Clinton Machine, considered the top two defenses for Hillary surrounding Kathy: "excusing the laughter as nervous, and she was only defending her client.  But people should listen to the whole audio, because it was not just one nervous chuckle.  After the trial, you would think she would have described this case as tragic, heartbreaking, horrible, and being sad for having to defend this guy.  Instead, you hear the smugness, pride in the result, and how she managed to twist the system to make herself appear like a good lawyer.  I don't see the humanity in that.  There is absence of any expression of remorse, horror, human decency, and sympathy of what this case is about."

Why did the feminist organizations and Gloria Allred not stand beside Juanita and Kathy?  Jackson told American Thinker, "It does not matter who the victim is on the other side, because they refuse to abandon their political allies like the Clintons.  It does not matter, the trail of victims Hillary Clinton left in her wake.  They look the other way because of an obvious political agenda.  Her entire life has been a construction of picking issues she thinks will get her ahead politically instead of genuine passion for these causes."

Now her vice presidential pick, Senator Kaine, calls her a victim.  Really?

This is after she defamed Bill Clinton's accusers of sexual assault, laughed at getting a rapist off, and had her surrogate Gloria Steinem say the only reason female Millennials were voting for Bernie Sanders was because they needed a date.  Then Michelle Obama in an ad stated, "We cannot allow the shocking, hurtful, hateful rhetoric about women[.] … [L]et's elect Hillary Clinton and other Democrats who share our values and can be role models for our children."  No parent should ever want the Clintons to be role models. 

The hypocrisy by these politicians and mainstream media, including Megyn Kelly, is unbelievable.  Juanita is frustrated that the media are effectively becoming surrogates for the Clintons, ignoring what Bill Clinton has done to her.  "They call it infidelities, but they are actually crimes.  When Megyn Kelly called what I said lies and referred to my false affidavit, she did not understand where I was coming from.  It was something I could not discuss because it was too demeaning, especially since I kept quiet.  I blamed myself for allowing him to come to my room.  I felt so ashamed.

"Since Bill Clinton was attorney general, he was the police.  I was very frightened in how this man was connected to law enforcement.  I was also angry since for twenty years, I had finally moved on.  Then, all of a sudden, in the 1990s, two investigators show up at my front door, Beverly and Rick Lambert, Miranda's parents.  They recorded me without my knowledge, saying in so many words, 'That incident was a painful time in my life and there is no way I am going to come out for some lawsuit.'  I think at some point they did come out recalling what I had said."  Furthermore, she says she wanted to just hide from the truth, but after Ken Starr sent a deposition request, her son, an attorney, said she had to speak the truth, which she did. 

There are those who argue that Bill Clinton is not running for president and that Hillary should not be blamed for what her husband has done.  But Juanita does not see it that way.  "Hillary said she was going to put her husband in charge of the economy.  He should not be in charge of anything in the White House.  He will be given tremendous responsibility, and that is just not right.  She constantly tried to cover up for him.  She was so complicit, in charge of what she called 'the bimbo eruption.'  She tried to silence so many of us through threats and intimidations.  Look what Wikileaks just released about Hillary Clinton's campaign trying to figure out how to control what I was saying.  She is not an advocate for all women, but is only an advocate for one woman: herself.  Even her daughter Chelsea, after the debate, called what happened 'her father's trivial sexual misdeeds.'  I feel that her saying that is an injustice to the women he committed crimes against, and she is old enough to know that."

Juanita wants Americans to understand: "in the 1970s, rape victims did not have the same rights, and there were not nearly as many support groups and advocates.  The Clintons are evil, corrupt, and protected by the media.  I feel that in the Spin Room during the debate, I had an opportunity to discuss what I went through and the pain it caused.  People should not give the Clintons a free pass if they care about women's issues.  I do not think the media is giving adequate attention to what the Clintons did."

Even though Obamacare premiums are exploding, U.S. enemies are emboldened, jobs are lessening at a high rate – if the woman's issue is the go-to voting subject, then don't vote.  Otherwise, you are considered a hypocrite, and you allow the double standard to exist in this country.  Hillary Clinton tries to display herself as the poster child for women's rights, but these incidents prove she is not a champion of female rape victims.  She is ruthless, ambitious, and calculating, with a willingness to break the rules.

The author writes for American Thinker.  She has done book reviews and author interviews and has written a number of national security, political, and foreign policy articles.

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