The Republican White Togas at Work for the Queen of Sleaze

Years ago I wrote of my contempt for the white togaed squishes of the right who flee the grounds of the forum when jackals attack their allies in order to keep their garb free of stain. This week in the lead up to the second presidential debate tonight, they’re at it again. Just as evidence of the Clinton corruption is once again made manifest in the release of more of her emails and a closer look at the late revised Clinton foundation filings, they flee Trump because of a suspiciously timed tape of an eleven-year-old conversation with GHW Bush’s nephew, Billy Bush. If, like a toddler, you are easily distracted by shining objects. you’ll fall for it. If you’re a grownup who realizes the fate of the world and this country depend on your vote you won’t. 1. How Hillary Broke the Law and Destabilized North Africa, creating a Refugee Crisis and a catastrophe in Libya and Syria General Mike Flynn laid out the catastrophic results of then-Secretary...(Read Full Article)