ISIS Already Is Here

If this article by Adm. James Lyons (USN, ret) is correct, and I believe it is, ISIS will start to stage attacks on US home territory. 9/11/01 was one example of a Jihadist attack, backed by the same Sunni Wahhabi forces that has now declared that ISIS is conducting Islamic warfare following the "proper" war theology, including suicide-murders, genocide against civilians, horrific abuse of women and children, etc., all for the sake of Allah. Admiral Lyons has claimed high-level government penetration by Jihadists for years. Earlier this year the European Union was incapable of resisting a tide of Jihadi "Syrian refugees," aided and abetted by Turkey's neo-Ottoman Jihadist, Recip Erdogan. (Many of the "refugees" had been settled in Turkey).

More than 30 million potentially radical Muslims have been imported over the years into Europe, constituting an enormous Fifth Column. The Saudis have built mosques for them, and staffed them with Wahhabi imams, who take their orders from a command structure with roots in the Middle East. The Sunni Muslim Brotherhood coordinates with the Wahhabi priesthood in Saudi Arabia, but when it comes to Jihad against the West, Iranian mullahs are involved as well.

Swedish politician Cecilia Hagen called parties opposed to mass Muslim immigration "brown rats" - brown being the color of WWII fascism. Since the police in  Malmoe, the rape capital  of Sweden, just  called for help to investigate and control the city murder rate,, it is clear that an atmosphere of Jihadist terror now prevails in parts of Sweden and Denmark. Jihadist "no go" zones have been reported in Germany, France and Britain. 

Because the European Union is all on the side of Muslim infiltration, the widespread rebellion against EU commands is also part of the emerging anti-Jihad resistance movement.

Western governments are reacting to the war of aggression waged against them with almost suicidal slowness and reluctance. Obama may be the worst example of a pro-Jihadist politician who is doing everything possible to undermine US defense. Jihadist infiltration and propaganda, large-scale bribery and probable widespread blackmail have been used, according to Adm. Lyons, since the late Sixties to early Seventies, when OPEC brought immense wealth and power to both Sunni and Shi'ite Gulf regimes.

This election is really about Jihad more than any other issue. Trump is openly anti-Jihad, while the Clinton Foundation has been funneling Jihad money to US politicians for years. Huma Abedin is from a Muslim Brotherhood family, and Hillary's email breach of normal State Department security procedures is only one of several massive USG leaks. Apparently Huma and Cheryl Mills had free access to high-value US intelligence communications, and were able to spread it with little concern for security.

Hillary's email scam made it possible to negotiate quid-pro-quos with anti-American forces around the world, with huge money flows to fund the Hillary campaign. Trump's low-funded but successful campaign (so far) came as a big surprise to Hillary, I believe. Trump's use of cheap but effective mass media like twitter is unprecedented, and balances Hillary's vastly larger financing. 

This Presidential campaign is therefore a component of the emerging world war, which has been planned and implemented by Jihadists since about 1970, according to Admiral Lyons. Obama's refusal even to utter the word "Jihad" as the name of the enemy suggests collusion with hostile forces.

Given the war theology of Jihad, the "silent war" of infiltration and sabotage could explode into violence at any moment. For example, Trump could be targeted for assassination -- which would be quite within the scope of Jihad doctrine. This is totalitarian warfare, and theoretically it has no limits. 

The current warning from Admiral Lyons and others suggests an ISIS attempt to flood the Western world with jihadis, who, like the rape invaders in Germany, go to earth quickly, aided by existing Saudi and Iranian Jihad networks.

After the big headlines in Germany, Frau Merkel literally prohibited the media from criticizing her. The Jihadi invasion quickly disappeared from most of the media. 

In the US, media concentration to half a dozen major corporate centers indicates a similar concentration of wealth and power. Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim now owns 17% of the New York Times, with its continuing high credibility among millions of followers.

It's noteworthy that the GOP leadership has buckled under just like the Democrats. The fact of FBI Director Comey's ties to the Clinton Foundation, plus his inability to indict the Clintons, indicate another breakdown of normal government. 

Two major dangers to the Jihad aggressors are (a) the possible election of Donald Trump, and (b) the rapid drop in the price of oil due to major new supplies from various sources. The Saudis are investing in US energy sources as a hedge against an OPEC crash. 

Notice that Obama has done everything possible to undermine domestic energy production.

The only precedent I know is Stalinist infiltration and sabotage of USG in World War II, culminating in the theft of Manhattan Project nuclear secrets by Klaus Fuchs and the Rosenbergs. When Stalin exploded his first nuclear device he took the US and our allies by surprise, leading to a public uproar, which is now remembered as "McCarthyism." In fact, McCarthy reacted against a deadly danger. 

Today, Jihadist forces are hiding the degree of their nuclear development, but according to former CIA analyist Claire Lopez, the Iranians are much more advanced than they admit in public.

We are going through the greatest period of US vulnerability and world-wide danger since Stalin exploded his first nuclear bomb. The Khrushchev biography of Kremlin politics when Stalin lay dying indicates that the inner circle, including Beria and Khrushchev, were very worried that he would order a nuclear war against the US from his deathbed. They may have killed him to avert a nuclear disaster. 

Jihad is influenced, if not controlled, by another gerontocracy, including Ayatollah Khamenei in Iran and the Saudi Royals in Riyadh. The Saudi King is said to be suffering from dementia today, and the real power is the Minister of Defense, Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud

The ongoing string of Jihad attacks in Europe indicates that the war theology has not given up. Since the basic facts have been (secretly) known to Western politicians since the years after 9/11/01, there is little doubt that Jihad attacks are meant to extract concessions from Western governments, such as Angela Merkel's opening the gates of her country to tens of thousands of Jihadis. 

Jihadist attacks are not random, but part of an overarching strategy that is constantly communicated by outfits like ISIS and Hezb’allah, who act as cut-outs and fronts for the Saudis, the Turks, and the Iranians. 

The US is confronting deadly dangers today, and with nuclear developments in the Middle East, it may get worse.