In a Neighborhood of Gangs: The Warrant for Trump

When you live in a neighborhood of gangs, you must accommodate the gang that does you the least harm. And you do, you know. You’ve always lived in a neighborhood of gangs. You always will. The only question is which gang you accommodate. If you live on the right side of Los Angeles, Chicago, or New York, you’ve dodged the unlawful gangsters. But no matter where you live, you can’t dodge the lawful gangsters we call government. All gangs have this in common: they’re alliances of bullies whose tactics deprive others of what the gangsters want. There’s no form of intimidation or expropriation to which gangsters won’t descend to get what they want. And what they want is dominion. Their tactics depend on the scope of dominion they seek and the paradigm under which they seek it. Some are petty and brutal. Some are grand and devious. None is more grand and devious than government. And when government goes awry, none is more damaging and more...(Read Full Article)