I Want a President Who Will End Victimism

Great news! The Obama administration is proposing a new race category. It’s for people of Middle Eastern and North African descent -- MENA for those in the know. Why? It’s obvious when you go to USA Today and read the blather about how the new race category could solve all kinds of problems with community identity and private-sector discrimination. In other words, liberals are going full-speed ahead to square up Muslims as another victim group for their victim politics.

See, creating a MENA race category could be used in “drawing congressional and state legislative district boundaries.” In other words, majority-minority congressional districts. Imagine! Up to now MENAs have been categorized as white and so not eligible for all the victim programs so thoughtfully set up and administered by our liberal masters. The new category would set up Middle-eastern Muslims as a historically marginalized group and help liberals divide America.

Dividing America is the whole point of the globalist project that I discussed last week in AT. The globalist project wants to “pierc[e] the shell of national sovereignty” so it can rule us all direct. How does it do that? It destroys the power of the nation and replaces it with quarreling victim groups that can be divided and conquered by the global elite.

I want a president that will declare war on liberal race politics, liberal gender politics, in fact on Victimism in general. And I say that not just because I am a racist and sexist, a homophobe and a hater, although I am certainly all of that. I say it because once you become a victim category you get drafted into the political army of the ruling class and you become their political cannon fodder. And that is a fate worse than death.

We talk about PTSD and the mangled warriors left in the wake of America’s foreign wars. But what about the grunts that liberals have enrolled in their progressive army and used as cannon fodder in their fight to bend the arc of history towards justice? What about the sad fate of the “little darlings,” the victims of the ruling class?

Workers of the world, the revolutionaries of 1848 manifestoed: join us and go for a soldier in the wars against the employers. Yes, what a good idea! Why the very idea that the rancher and the plowman should be friends, or the worker and the employer might benefit from working together was nonsense! On the contrary, why not provoke the workers into rebellion against the jobs in the city that saved them from starving on the land? Then the progressive elite could divide and conquer, and throw the workers an occasional entitlement.

But just like the soldier in a real army, the little darling in the liberal army eventually gets left by the roadside. Liberals got tired of the working class and discovered in 1971 that Archie Bunker was a racist sexist bigot. So they tricked out blacks and women and made them their little darlings instead.

Hey blacks and women! How yer doin’, kids! How is the marchin’ and protestin’ life in the liberal army for the last 50 years working out? Chow any good?

And then liberals enlisted homosexuals and transgenders, and invented the pejoratives of homophobe and transphobe to take their honored places beside the hallowed racist, sexist, fascist insult labels known and loved by all.

Now liberals want to make little darlings out of MENAs, and they already have their pejorative of Islamophobe tested and ready for deployment with the rest of the liberal insult artillery.

I pleaded, almost a year ago, “Muslims: Don’t Become the Little Darlings of the Liberals!” But I don’t expect it will do any good. When you think of it, Muslims -- sorry, MENAs -- don’t need the encouragement of a George Soros to create mayhem. They do it without encouragement from the globalists.

America needs a president who will declare war on the liberal culture of victimism. Because the wages of victimism are the slow death of the little darlings from opioids.

Victimism is a lie. The only way to make it in the modern capitalist economy is to take the oath that “I am not a victim” and then dive into the labor market and start swimming. But the simple maidens of the working class did not do this, and so they were pimped out by the agitators of 1848 and the entire “activism” culture that it spawned.

And now look at the working class. Fifty years too late they are leaving the Democratic Party to follow a new leader that promises them those good manufacturing jobs at good wages that left town decades ago.

Before the liberals turn the rest of Victim America into opioid-addicted zombies, we need a president that will put the boot to the evil of Victimism.

Christopher Chantrill @chrischantrill runs the go-to site on US government finances, usgovernmentspending.com. Also see his American Manifesto and get his Road to the Middle Class.