Donald Trump's Moral Fervor

At a time when the "news" media betray their own hyped up values of objectivity and fairness, I am beginning to hear a growing voice of moral outrage in America – and it's actually expressed in clear words, day after day, by the Republican nominee for president of the United States.  That would be Donald Trump. 

That last sentence is bound to set any lost and lonely lefty loony screaming with hysterical laughter, but hyenas are what they are.  From the hyena's point of view, Republicans are just another meat.  The GOP establishment is shivering in the foxholes, and its members are losing voters as fast as Trump gains them.  If Trump tells his supporters to vote against down-ballot Republicans, the establishment will reverse course.  They count on our stupidity and our goodwill, but we are no longer stupid. 

The Clintons and Obamas have made normal Americans despair, but the voters care.  They care a lot.  Americans who care haven't had a voice in U.S. politics for a long time, but if normal people had given up on the stench from D.C., the Rasmussen polls would not be showing a neck-and-neck race.  Enough Americans care to make this a game-changing election.

We have been deeply disappointed often by the One Party Machine.  But we care enough to keep listening for that voice in the desert. 

Rush Limbaugh keeps pointing out that the chief goal of the left is demoralizing Americans.  He is right.  If they can keep you home on election night, they win.  They know how to kill off our best leaders.  Saul Alinsky said it in his little book, the one Hillary wrote her B.A. thesis about, way back when. 

(Hillary's B.A. thesis is now only a click away, and it's "must" reading for Americans.  That thesis gives us the key to Hillary's life.  She was cult-indoctrinated at Wellesley College at an age when young people are notoriously vulnerable.  She might have become a Scientologist, but she became a hard leftist instead.  Hillary's generation of ambitious feminists are now in jobs of power and influence, and most of them go along with the immiseration of women and children in the reactionary world of jihad.  Hillary chose her lifelong path at Wellesley, and she has a one-track mind.) 

Yes, Donald Trump is a flawed human being, as the hyena pack keeps yodeling in the night.  But as far as I know, he is not a serial abuser like Bill Clinton, nor is he a feminist enabler of randy male misbehavior like Hillary. 

If Trump disappoints us, we will find a way to be heard.  We can't stop watching politics when the polls close. 

Women used to be praised as a civilizing influence on men, bringing the responsibilities of love and loyalty to marriage and children.  Hillary has spent her adult life enabling the most irresponsible men on the block, thereby setting an example for a whole generation of Millennials, who have now created a pickup scene that is surprisingly depressing.  Millennials seem to get that they could stay home to watch fantasy porn on the web instead of being with real human beings.  Fantasies are more hygienic, and they never disappoint.  "Can I pick you up?" is inevitably followed by "Where will I drop you off?"

Unlike the left, conservatives are not slaves of Big Media.  We think for ourselves and come to our own conclusions.  And waddayaknow: it looks as if there are thousands of Democrats now crossing party lines to kick the bums out – not because they are suckered by Trump's pizzazz, but because they feel the same outrage the rest of us feel.  Credible reports say FBI agents are in an uproar about James Comey's obvious betrayal of justice, and yes, there are career attorneys in the DOJ who feel pretty grim about Obama commissars.  Rudy Giuliani still has enough contacts in that world to give us the real skinny.  A lot of career lawyers went into the Department of Justice not to see super-crooks taking over the joint. 

That national feeling of outrage can't be contained by the usual lies and distractions, even if the hyena chorus fills the wailing night air.  For morally serious people in D.C., Trump represents a glimmer of light at the end of a long, miserable tunnel.  If he wins, they will find their voices again.

The same goes for the U.S. military and the IRS.  Even the education establishment isn't following Obama's bathroom decrees for elementary school children who want to choose their own gender.  Give educators a chance, and we may hear the suppressed voices of outrage.  Black parents know what's happening in their schools, courtesy of the teacher unions.  It's past time for a big change, and automatic teacher tenure has to go.  We all know it. 

Ain't nuthin' to it but to do it. 

Trump is leading the biggest revolt against the Establishment since Reagan.  He does it by telling the truths we all know.  It sounds simple, but it's very hard to accomplish, which is why we have to unify and add our own voices.  The left believes in "organizing."  Conservatives need to be much more effective. 

We've known for decades that Bill and Hillary are mega-crooks, and I still feel shocked by that hundred-thousand-dollar bribe from the cattle traders in Arkansas.  We knew the Clintons were dirty from that moment onward, and you have to give the Crooked Couple credit for consistency.  They are as wicked today as they were when Bill was filling that doublewide trailer in Little Rock with his smoldering joints and cocaine lines. 

As for the Obamas, we know they were mentored by the Godfather of the Illinois Machine, Emil Jones, a man who makes the dead rise again every election to walk the ghostly streets of Chicago.  We've listened plenty enough to the "reverends" Jerry Wright, Al Sharpton, and Louis Farrakhan.  There is no boundary between the Chicago mafia and the left, as Saul Alinsky demanded in that evil little book. 

This is a Caligula time in American politics.  If Hillary becomes president, we can expect her to nominate a horse for the U.S. Senate, like the Emperor Caligula, just to show her contempt.  Already there are rumors she will kill off the Second Amendment by executive order the first time she steps into the Oval. 

Hyenas are what they are, and narcissistic pols are what they are.  We all know it, and while we feel miserable to see America brought so low, we are no longer in denial. 

Sometimes our strongest moral intuitions are our best guide.  Every 24 hours, Big Media attacks us with new dead-on-arrival scare lines about Trump's wrongdoings, and the next morning we expect to see no sunrise.  But the sun comes up again every day, and for the first time in years, we are seeing a public shout of outrage in America.  Keep it up.  Don't give her a single day of headlines.

Trump didn't make this moment.  Conservative thinkers have laid the foundations.  But it took Trump to see it, and to seize the moment.  That is to his credit. 

Win or lose, the Trump Moment of 2016 will be talked about for a long time to come.  Politicians are all trying to repeat his tactics, whether he wins or not.  Hillary is old hat.  Trump is a voice of truth. 

Now let's push him over the top.

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