An Alexis de Tocqueville for Our Time


Sometimes it takes a foreigner to remind us of our values. Those were my first thoughts after watching a new film by Trevor Loudon, a New Zealand native with a pleasant accent, who interviewed me for his new film The Enemies Within.

Like Alexis de Tocqueville, who came to America and offered us invaluable insights about our country, Trevor Loudon is an author and activist from New Zealand who nevertheless seems to understand us better than we understand ourselves. Unlike de Tocqueville, however, Loudon does not like what he sees. His new movie is a painful, shocking, well-documented, and timely review of the large number of elected officials in the U.S. who are so hostile to our Constitution that they could not survive a conventional background check.

The Enemies Within is particularly important right now because it exposes the anti-American, socialist, Communist and Jihadist sympathies of leading figures in the Democratic Party including Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton. For example, Loudon lays bare Sanders's clear Communist sympathies by detailing his visits to Cuba, Nicaragua, and his honeymoon in the U.S.S.R. Loudon also features my previously reported, face-to-face, account of young Barack Obama's fervent commitment in an inevitable Communist revolution. Likewise, Loudon is merciless in exposing Hillary's ties to nefarious Communist front groups, her affection for Saul Alinsky, and her ties to jihadi extremists including members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

To round things off, Loudon also includes a chilling review of the embarrassing Communist connections of second tier Democrats, including the vice president, Joe Biden and prospective vice president, Sen. Tim Kaine.

Just as Alexis de Tocqueville's keen insight into America was facilitated by his experience in his native France, Trevor Loudon also sees our political system and culture more accurately because of his acute sensitivity to New Zealand's fragile national security situation. He has seen his own nation make nearly suicidal choices as it has elected Communist sympathizers who display little gratitude of U.S. protection in World War II and even less appreciation for the necessity of strong ties to the U.S. now. With his own eyes, he has seen how quickly members of the extreme left can gain power and alter a nation's trajectory for generations. Whereas so many of us take America strength and continual existence for granted, Loudon -- similar to Dinesh D'Souza -- understands that the U.S. is a surprisingly fragile country in an increasingly dangerous world.

In particular, he grasps how shifting electoral majorities not only impact the results of any given election, but also how they shape the coming electoral contests, too. Other than Ann Coulter, I do not think I have seen anyone as blunt as Trevor Loudon about how a potential Republican loss in the 2016 presidential race would lead to extended and even worse losses as Democrats use their power to bring in new immigrants who do not share, and are -- at times -- completely hostile to, traditional American political and cultural values.

Quite plainly, Loudon sees Hillary Clinton's election as an existential threat. If she wins, “there will never be another Republican president, ever, or anyone other than a Democrat.” “You’ll have, effectively, a one-party state in America,” said Loudon. His prediction is based on Clinton’s promise for amnesty in the first 100 days of her administration. “She has promised within 100 days of assuming office to legalize all of the illegal immigrants in the United States. Now, that’s anywhere between 12 and 50 million people. We know from past patterns that they will vote from 75 to 80 percent Democrat,” said Loudon.

Despite this alarming prospect, Trevor Loudon believes in the common sense of the American people. He thinks that the only reason so many U.S. officials have become elected despite their anti-American views is because they have skillfully and persistently lied about their real agendas. "The left is more interested in politics," he points out, "but they need to lie to win. Our side is less interested in government and is much harder to motivate. Our advantage is that we have the truth."

His film gives a quick one and one-half hour look at how much of our government and our political institutions are already under the control of those who wish us ill. If enough decent, law-abiding folks see this new movie, we may see a renaissance in conservative influence and an adept pirouette which keeps us from collectively taking a potentially deadly, existential tumble.

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John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist who is featured in The Enemies Within.