Woodrow Wilson and Hillary Clinton: When a President Keeps an Infirmity Hidden from the Public

Joseph Patrick Tumulty is a name that every American should know; and yet so few do. He may have helped run the country for the last two years of Woodrow Wilson's Administration. This is what a Hillary Clinton presidency portends. Joseph Tumulty was born in New Jersey in 1879.  His parents were middle class ethnic Irish, and he became a lawyer, and later a state representative.  However, Tumulty was an accomplished wheeler-dealer, and Woodrow Wilson called upon his services when he started his political climb from Princeton University academic to Governor of New Jersey and then President. Tumulty was Wilson's private secretary, a position that would morph in time to become the White House Chief of Staff,  though in 1913, it bore a more humble title. Wilson was a sturdy WASP, from a Southern Confederate background; yet he needed Tumulty, the ethnic Irish-American from the urban northeast to navigate his way through machine politics if he were to win a...(Read Full Article)