Transgenderism and the New Anthropology

Chances are, if you were a kid educated in public schools, you were taught about the evolution of man from a common ancestor, a prototypical primate from whom all the human races are derived.  Maybe you were provided a handy visual graph (like the one shown below) showing the progress of our species, complete with a time line going back forty million years.

The Darwinian view of mankind as ever evolving took the Western world by storm and is still the view promulgated in most educational institutions.  The four-thousand-year-old Judeo-Christian concept of man as a unique entity created as an  imago dei (image of God) gradually was replaced by the idea of man as an accident of nature who was continually being changed by his environment.  For Darwinists, man is seen as having no inherent nature or being; most certainly, humans are not seen in terms of the Fall and Redemption.  Man was and is either determined by the processes of nature or by gradually evolving instincts.  Any tendency or instinct can be modified by changing the environment.

The philosophical and social implications of the Darwinian concept of the continuing evolution of the human being were and still are enormous.  But what is most germane to this discussion is the fact that progressives of the last hundred years or so have built their philosophy from Darwin's assumptions about humanity rather than from the Judeo-Christian assumptions about man and society that once completely informed the West.  The Christian concept of the permanent condition of the human being, who though flawed was redeemable by God, as well as the concept of a just society based on the law of Jehovah and thus imitative of a permanent and transcendent moral order, was gradually replaced. 

For progressives, the favored society is one that is continuously evolving.  What was "true" today will not be "true" tomorrow.  What was the measure of man yesterday is not what the measure of man will be tomorrow.  By continually restructuring society, those who are at the top of the heap of the fittest by reason of what they judge to be their higher intelligence and greater power can help the rest of their dimwitted species continue to evolve into a desired prototype.  Redemption of humanity is found in continual evolutionary change.

The neo-Gnostics, having evolved beyond the rest of us enough to foresee a glorious future, reject the ancient and outdated idea that human beings are inherently flawed and do not evolve their way out of an inclination to do wrong things by changes in social structure.  The true believers have a sure instinct for how man should and can evolve.  Given special insights into the inherently malleable nature of human beings, they know how society can and should be engineered in order to hasten the evolutionary process, leading to the betterment of mankind.  They know how to nudge even the most reluctant by creating changes in the environment.  New social structures will create the desired outcome: the progressive human being will emerge as surely as more complicated organisms rose from single-cell entities, as mammals emerged from sea creatures, as human beings as we now know them will evolve into something new and exciting – something completely different.   

For those most progressed, mankind can even escape its millennia-old binary forms of man and woman.  By a triumph of the will, any human being can escape bodily limitations and become something Other – maybe even supra-human.  Maybe even a god!  Perhaps redemption can mean escaping bodily materiality altogether!  Spirit is everything.  You and I can be whatever we wish to be.  What we now appear to be is not real.  Only what we imagine to be real is real.  Oh, triumph of the human will!

As for the rest of unenlightened humanity, stuck in bodily forms already outdated by the time they evolved sometime in the Pilocene or Pleistocene era, be of good cheer.  Progressives will effectuate the new you by the destruction of anything and anyone impeding the process of evolution – including, alas, even you yourself if you are an impediment to "progress."

It is true that previous experiments to create a new type of human being – the perfect Aryan and the perfect communist man – failed miserably and resulted in the deaths of millions.  But one must look to the future, not at the past, which is of no consequence at all.  Even the present is but a prelude to the future.  The progressive vision of the eschatological man matters more than you living in the here and now.

Religion, the monstrous obstacle to all progress, that opiate of the people, that construct for the weak – it must be destroyed.  Old forms of government must be destroyed and new ones instituted by the all-knowing elite.  Family structures must change, as families do have a tendency to pass on old, outworn values to their progeny.  Social structures must change completely, including those that still define humanity as binary in form, as man and woman.  Therefore, universal bathrooms and institutions devoted to separating the sexes in any way must be established.  Safe places in which no opposing word to the new order of species must be established as models for the rest of society.

Just as importantly, language itself must change if a new type of evolution is to be possible.  Cultural evolution is the key to progress, to the evolution of the new human being who is freed from even the concept of man or woman. 

Therefore, the ways of passing of information about behavior, religion, and traditions can change from generation to generation through syntax.  Actual genetic transmission of instinctive behaviors and makeup is no longer a necessity.  Besides, ordinary means of evolution take too long.  Change the language of this generation, and pass it on to the next, and voilà!  A new civilization is formed even as the memory of the old is completely wiped out.

It's all quite exciting.  The new genderless asexual and thus completely new human being will speak a language free of such pernicious distinctions as "man" and "woman." 

The new evolution of language chart looks like this table, put together by the Gender Neutral Pronoun Blog:


Nominative (subject)

Objective (object)

Possessive determiner

Possessive Pronoun


Invented pronouns


Ne laughed

I called nem

Nir eyes gleam

That is nirs

Ne likes nemself


Ve laughed

I called ver

Vis eyes gleam

That is vis

Ve likes verself


Ey laughed

I called em

Eir eyes gleam

That is eirs

Ey likes

Ze (or zie) and hir

Ze laughed

I called hir

Hir eyes gleam

That is hirs

Ze likes hirself

Ze (or zie) and zir

Ze laughed

I called zir

Zir eyes gleam

That is zirs

Ze likes zirself


Xe laughed

I called xem

Xyr eyes gleam

That is xyrs

Xe likes xemself

What such changes in language mean is the complete annihilation of history and literature, which will no longer be understood.  The adoption of the new jabberwocky would mean a complete cultural evolution and revolution.  All of society would be retrofitted in order to facilitate the evolution of humankind for its binary structure to that of interchangeable units.  There would be no past because there would be no way to speak of it and thus no way to transmit it to future generations. 

For instance, how would just one stanza of Byron's poems be translated in order to avoid the awful micro-aggressions of the pronouns he used?

Ze walks in beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies;
And all that's best of dark and bright
Meet in zir aspect and zir eyes;
Thus mellowed to that tender light
Which heaven to gaudy day denies.

The above is to say nothing of what would happen to the new articulation of church doctrine and liturgy.  Already bastardized by the predations of radical feminist theology, one can only imagine what a service will sound and look like if gender-neutral terminology prevails.

It would be blasphemous even to try.

It also would be easy to scoff, were it not for the fact that the latest newly evolved progressive beings who hold to transgender ideology and language have avidly begun their evolutionary cultural changes in our highest academic institutions.  University after university has capitulated to the latest demands for microcosm safe from the predations of the larger less evolved culture that is Western civilization.

The ultra-Darwinist philosophy behind progressivism, the evolution of a new human being, and its latest version, transgenderism, is insanity, of course.  It's tempting to laugh uncontrollably.

But then, hasn't the madness of a few sometimes dictated the course of nations?  One has only to think of the Jacobins at the height of the French Revolution, the insanities of the cabal who once ran the USSR, and the killer madness of Mao Tse-Tung's China to realize that unless the minority of crazies are stopped in their tracks, their mad attempt to speed up evolution of mankind will wind up dehumanizing us all.

"Oh brave new world, that has such creatures in it!"  Brave new world, indeed.

But who will want to live in such a world?

Not ze or zir or zem, and certainly not I. 

Fay Voshell holds a M.Div. from Princeton Theological Seminary, which awarded its prize for excellence in systematic theology.  Her thoughts have appeared often in American Thinker and many other publications such as CNS, Fox News, RealClearReligion, National Review, and Russia Insider.  She may be reached at  

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