Technology Breaches the Media Maginot Line

Last week Hillary attacked Trump supporters as “deplorables”, accusing half of them of them of being racist, sexist, homophobic, or xenophobic. In this she was following Obama’s disparaging of millions of voters.

As Victor Davis Hanson observed:         

On his recent Asian tour, President Obama characterized his fellow Americans (the most productive workers in the world) as “lazy.” In fact, he went on to deride Americans for a list of supposed transgressions ranging from the Vietnam War to environmental desecration to the 19th century treatment of Native Americans. “If you’re in the United States,” the president said, “sometimes you can feel lazy and think we’re so big we don’t have to really know anything about other people.”

The attack on supposedly insular Americans was somewhat bizarre, given that Obama himself knows no foreign languages. He often seems confused about even basic world geography. (His birthplace of Hawaii is not “Asia,” Austrians do not speak “Austrian,” and the Falkland Islands are not the Maldives).

Obama’s sense of history is equally weak. Contrary to his past remarks, the Islamic world did not spark either the Western Renaissance or the Enlightenment. Cordoba was not, as he once suggested, an Islamic center of “tolerance” during the Spanish Inquisition; in fact, its Muslim population had been expelled during the early Reconquista over two centuries earlier.

In another eerie ditto of his infamous 2008 attack on the supposedly intolerant Pennsylvania “clingers,” Obama returned to his theme that ignorant Americans “typically” become xenophobic and racist: “Typically, when people feel stressed, they turn on others who don’t look like them.” (“Typically” is not a good Obama word to use in the context of racial relations, since he once dubbed his own grandmother a “typical white person.”)

Daniel Henninger has noted this sort of attack by Democratic pols on fellow citizen voters is typical of the political elites:

Hillary Clinton’s comment that half of Donald Trump’s supporters are 'racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic -- a heck of a lot of phobia for anyone to lug around all day -- puts back in play what will be seen as one of the 2016 campaign’s defining forces: the revolt of the politically incorrect.

Responding for the rest of us deplorables, Dr. Ben Carson scored a rim shot at her slander:

In a very telling moment, Hillary Clinton maligned me and millions of other Americans as racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic and Islamophobic ‘deplorables.’

“I’m so tired of this line of attack that normally taunts conservatives. Well, let me be very specific in my response. I believe in expanding opportunity, not welfare; that’s not racist.

“I believe every life is worth protecting, particularly the unborn; that doesn’t make me sexist.

“I believe marriage is between one man and one woman; that’s not homophobic.

“I believe in borders, the rule of law and our sovereign right to decide who to let into our country; that’s not xenophobic.

“I believe radical Islam is a mortal threat to America and Western civilization; that is common sense, not Islamophobia.”

He posted his remarks on Facebook -- a great way to get through the Maginot line that the media has to date constructed around Hillary.

Another citizen, Zdenek Gazda, showed Hillary exactly what deplorables can do, using a videophone. While she kept her press entourage totally in the dark about her “medical episode” on 9/11, he filmed her seizing up and being carried into the van which sped away from the commemorative ceremony in New York. He posted it online and eventually Fox and others published it. Everyone could see she had some sort of seizure, and was not simply faint.

The only notice the lassoed press corps had that she had left the ceremony was when 90 minutes later they were alerted that she’d  left early because she had become “overheated” (or in some conflicting accounts had become “dehydrated” or had  “flu”), and was available for a  brief photo op  hugging a little girl outside her daughter’s apartment. Before iPhones, she’d have pulled off this gambit and her heavily spackled visage and skillfully photo edited picture of health that appears in the latest issue of Womens Health would have fooled the voters who’d not seen the ghastly picture of her with strange seizure-reducing blue glasses unable to lift an arm or leg or even stand alone.

As “Beasts of England” posted: “Four years to the day after she let four people get killed in Benghazi - and blamed it on a YouTube video -- an unknown guy with a YouTube video has ended her political career. Booyah.”

When it was apparent that the lightheaded claim was unsustainable she produced a letter from her physician, Dr. Lisa Bardack. 

The letter was written in Clintonspeak and requires careful reading. Thus, she fails to list all of the medications Hillary is receiving (only the new ones) nor does she detail all of Hillary’s existing conditions. She describes Hillary’s latest incident as the result of “non contagious bacterial pneumonia” But there is no such thing. 

Dr. Milton Wolf quotes from the letter: “On Friday, September 9th, she was seen and evaluated in my office, A non-contrast CT scan including a CTA calcium score was performed. Dr. Wolf -- hardly the only physician who has tweeted criticisms of the Bardack letter, responds:” A "CTA" is a CT (or cat scan) angiogram. It always requires contrast. Always. It cannot be included in a "non-contrast CT scan."

Dr. Wolf, Obama’s cousin by the way, added these observations to an online publication, Gateway Pundit:         

◘ Hillary Clinton suffered a dural sinus thrombosis (blood clots in the brain). Very serious. Significant risk of stroke, intracranial hemorrhage and death.

◘ they blamed the clots on a concussion. Not a chance. Concussions don’t cause blood clots. It would take a skull fracture with tearing of the dural sinus.

◘ She suffered/suffers residual/recurrent neurological deficits (visual disturbance, balance, memory, mental status). Bad prognostic indicator.

◘ She is on lifelong Coumadin. This is highly significant. Dangerous drug. Blood thinner. It’s clear she has a hypercoagulable disorder despite their denials. Coumadin carries a substantial risk for patients, particularly those with fall risk. Spontaneous hemorrhage common, intracranial and elsewhere. I see it commonly, including life-threatening brain bleeds. Normal, healthy patients are NEVER, NEVER prescribed Coumadin.

My conclusions (and I’m right about these):

◘ HC clearly has an underlying hypercoagulable blood disorder. That’s the only reason to give Coumadin (other than chronic atrial fibrillation and prosthetic heart valves, which are actually themselves causes of hypercoagulable disorders).

◘ Her hypercoagulable is likely severe. There are safer blood thinners than Coumadin. They’ve tried them on her (Lovenox) and it failed. Coumadin is typically given to those who can’t afford the newer drugs or reserved for cases that are refractory to the safer drugs. Coumadin is a powerful and dangerous drug; originally developed as a rat poison (Warfarin).

And the big one:

◘ It’s more likely than not that Hillary suffered a stroke in 2012 that they called a concussion. Stroke is extremely common following sinus thrombosis (of patients with clot in SSS: 75% stroke and 60% have intracranial hemorrhage). Overall about half the cases of sinus thrombosis resolve completely but that’s obviously not her since she exhibits and confesses to lasting neurological deficits. This is med school 101 stuff.

Another breach of the Media Maginot Line -- which was more than willing to take Dr. Bardack’s letter as definitive proof that Hillary, whose motorcade now includes an ambulance, is just in the pink of health -- occurred this week and involves Colin Powell.

Colin Powell, another heretofore untouchable, was also felled this week by the leaks of his hacked emails which showed him to be a backbiting gossip. This was not a great secret for those of us who followed the Libby case or even his political career

Among the leaked emails, which have to prove embarrassing to General Powell, are these:

"I would rather not have to vote for her, although she is a friend I respect," Powell wrote to Leeds on July 26, 2014. "A 70-year person with a long track record, unbridled ambition, greedy, not transformational, with a husband still dicking bimbos at home”

His friend, megadonor Jeffrey Leeds, wrote to him: "I think Hillary can't believe she might not make it. It's the one prize she wants. She has everything else," "And she HATES that the President ("that man," as the Clintons call him) kicked her ass in 2008. She can't believe it or accept it."”

“All these attempts and her dissembling [about the emails] has just made it Worse [sic]. She now is apologizing," before writing that "suddenly you surface to throw another log on the fire."

On Benghazi,” "a stupid witch hunt" and the "basic fault" for the attack "falls on a courageous ambassador who thought Libyans now love me and I am ok in this very vulnerable place." He added, blame also rested on Clinton (“blame also rests on his leaders and supporters back here.”)

I seem to recall but cannot find a link that when the leaks were disclosed in which Powell indicated that he hoped the press wouldn’t stoop to publishing material that had been hacked. Maybe once upon a time such a high-minded sounding -- though self-serving -- admonishment might have been respected, but how many times does the mainstream media expect to be scooped by amateurs with iPhones and internet connections before they recognize that they can no longer protect the high priests from the deplorables?

At the moment she’s faltering in the polls and Trump is rising. Not many are showing up for her brief appearances or those of her surrogates as Trump fills large stadiums with fans. Even her book, oddly titled Stronger Together in light of her “deplorables” charge, the advance for which is surely another (unreported) campaign contribution, has had a terrible time selling. Ordinarily the campaign would buy them up to keep the numbers up, but no one has, and the “deplorables” reviewing it on Amazon are merciless.