Our Government Is Helping the Bad Guys

In a recent article, Jonathan Tobin tells the reader that the present excess use of Russian force in Syria was because of "the conceit of the administration's policy … that a rapprochement with Iran would end the nuclear threat and help beat back the rise of Islamists in Iraq and Syria."  That is why, he tells us, "Kerry is left to vainly cry for cease-fires that do no good[.]"  And as a secondary consequence of our foolishness, he writes, "[i]t's also why the Iranians are literally parading their contempt for the United States." 

Thus, he paints a picture of a frustrated John Kerry whose unwise policies of rapprochement with Iran have led to these consequences.  The reader is left with the image of John Kerry "vainly crying."

But this scenario of unwise policy leading to unplanned consequences is not what really happened.  Kerry isn't "vainly crying."  He is play-acting, feigning frustration and disappointment.  Remember Macbeth: "All the world's a stage, and we poor players who strut and fret our hour upon the stage and then are heard no more."  Secretary Kerry is the personification of Shakespeare's observation.

Kerry lives in the world of appearances.  Since the Vietnam days when he appeared before Congress with his lies and ex-vet grandstanding, he lives to appear to be on some kind of moral high ground.  Yet to the informed, it is an immoral low ground.  He is advancing the reset with Russia, and he settled the heinous Iran "deal."  Like his mentor/boss in the White House, he is in favor of expanding the refugee influx into the U.S. 

In John Kerry, pomposity allies itself with self-righteous, egotistical verbal preening.  The jutting jaw, the crisply parted and thick head of hair, the upper-class (but unmistakably Massachusetts) accent all combine to create an ambiance of authority and stately grandeur, a grandeur of person and of ideological positioning.

However, the posturing-posing-as-purpose is all to no avail.  He remains since the 1960s an enemy of American exceptionalism.  Once we realize that his goal is to promote America on the world stage as just another country working in the family of countries (rather than as a superpower leader of the family of nations), we may realize that his "vain crying," so called, is really made up of crocodile tears.  He has no intention of bringing about a ceasefire in Syria or anywhere else.  Rather, all our policies are intended to strengthen the hands of the bad actors on the world stage.  To the perverse leftist mindset, a weakened America is a more just America.

So now we are complaining about Russian airstrikes in Syria.  However, the Russians as part of P5 were on board with the Iranian deal, and we were on board with a reset allowing Russia to take over part of Crimea (remember: there was a war fought against Russia in the 1850s for attacking Crimea).  Then, in Syria, Obama withdrew his "red line" once Russia said it would intervene to assure the destruction of Assad's chemical weapons.  It was we who took missiles and their support system out of Poland and the Czech Republic.  It was President Obama, Hillary, Kerry, and the "reset" that allowed this weakened posture. 

The "reactions" by Kerry and BHO are not reactions at all, but a form of play-acting on the world stage.  It's pretend from beginning to end to satisfy a waiting world that they really care and they really don't want the bad guys to be so bad.  But the truth is that they are themselves the bad guys. They have built up and encouraged the bad guys.  They want the bad guys to come out ahead but at the same time to be seen as good guys themselves and not blamed.  They are the occupants of the Trojan horse, and have leaped out of the horse called "the Democratic Party," which has gradually morphed into an anti-American fifth column.

What Tobin portrays as our policy deficiencies are actually the fulfillment of our policies, which were intended as destructive of our interests from day one.  The Arab Spring was a purposeful, deceptive misnomer to allow a narrative that would cover over our support for the Islamist agenda.  Why else would we kill Gaddafi?  Support the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt by the Muslim Brotherhood and Mohamed Morsi?  Or remain cold to Pres. Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of Egypt, a true moderate?  Ignore the Iranian influence in Yemen?  And, of course, why did we allow ISIS to become entrenched in Iraq?

These were not a series of miscues, but the enacting of a pro-Islamist agenda.

And why think Secretary Kerry is vainly crying because the Iranians are "parading their contempt for the USA"?  Is it not more true to say that the Iranian contempt for the USA has been encouraged and developed by BHO and Kerry?  The Iranians would not be "parading" at all if the USA had not given them the banners, the bands, and the musicians.  The banners are billions of dollars, the bands are the sounds of reactors humming toward their goal of nuclear warhead production, and the musicians are the criminals like President Hassan Rouhani and Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, who sing their songs of death and trumpet their trumpets of medieval Islamic hatred in the streets and on the corners of Tehran.

An image from ancient Greece might be helpful.  Remember Hydra?  It was "a [mythological] gigantic water-snake-like monster with nine heads (the number varies), one of which was immortal.  Anyone who attempted to behead the Hydra found that as soon as one head was cut off, two more heads would emerge from the fresh wound."  The manifold centers of violence that have been escalating throughout the world can be likened to that snake-monster, with the various centers of violence as the snake-monster's "heads."  The destructive path of the Russians, the Iranians, of ISIS in Iraq and Syria as well as the USA, France, and Great Britain, of

al-Qaeda in Libya and Iran in Yemen, of Boko Haram in Nigeria, of Abu Sayyaf in the Philippines, of the Saudis (everywhere), of Hamas, the PLO, and Hezb'allah attacks on Israel, and the insanely evil North Koreans may be seen as a direct result of U.S. downsizing of the military,   multilateralism as a keynote of foreign policy rather than national self-interest, and a move to diminish American influence seen by our leftist politicians as a manifestation of our capitalist/imperialist ambitions. 

The monster's heads have multiplied until we have dysfunction, death, and destruction rampant as terrorism proliferates in countries around the globe.  This political Hydra came in under the guise of progressive politics – of hope, of change, of equality, of unity – and has promoted instead the most destructive agenda in the history of the United States of America.  The leaders of our Executive Politburo are not vainly crying, but are gloating with satisfaction at their incredible success in promoting the further destabilization of our world.

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