NFL Idiots Dissing Our National Anthem Is Another Reason Why Trump Will Win!

My intention was to enjoy a leisurely Sunday afternoon on my sofa watching NFL football. Outrageously, players on both teams, Miami vs Seattle, protested our National Anthem. I became extremely angry. I could not stomach watching these highly paid, arrogant, ungrateful, spoiled-brat idiots play football. I yelled to Mary in another room, “Honey, get dressed. I'm taking you to dinner!

For crying out loud, here we are on the anniversary of 9/11. These morons showed no respect for their country, nor the 3000 Americans murdered by Islamic terrorists on this day 15 years ago. Why are NFL coaches allowing players to run their teams? Coaches should say, “Express your political views off the field. Anyone who does not stand for the National Anthem will be benched for this game.”

Due to public schools teaching that America is the greatest source of evil in the world, high school athletes have joined pro athletes in protesting our National Anthem. 

Ponder this, folks. The NFL punishes players with a penalty for celebrating/dancing too much after scoring a touchdown. And yet, when it comes to disrespecting our National Anthem the NFL feels it must respect player's freedom of expression.

There is an old saying, “You get what you tolerate.” What next? Will the NFL allow players to burn U.S. flags during games? The swiftly growing anti-National Anthem and anti-law enforcement movements are tied together, birthed out of Black Lives Matter's evil lie that America oppresses blacks and police murder blacks.

BTW, Saturday, I launched my nationwide Blue Lives Matter Celebration tour honoring law enforcement. I chatted with Sheriff David Clarke who thanked me and expressed the importance of me continuing to push back against the false narrative. Sheriff Clarke said law enforcement is the only thing preventing chaos in our streets. Please support my tour by contributing.

I am an American who happens to be black. It is absurd and outrageous that wealthy black pro athletes and celebs are running around claiming that America is a hellhole of racism against them. Meanwhile, I caught an ad on TV for yet another major movie release featuring black actor Samuel L. Jackson. It is becoming increasingly challenging to name a blockbuster movie that has not featured Mr. Jackson. And yet, Mr. Jackson is extremely outspoken, spreading the narrative that Americans are racists. Blacks are only 12% of the U.S. population. Therefore, white Americans have made Mr. Jackson and America-hating black pro athletes extremely wealthy.

Researchers which include Heather MacDonald clearly dispel the myth that cops murder blacks. The truth is the greatest threat to black lives is other blacks. Unfortunately, the truth does not matter in American politics and media today.

The NFL allowing players to dis our National Anthem is part of the disintegration of traditions, values and institutions that Americans hold dear. America's decline is the reason for the love affair between Donald Trump and Americans of all stripes.

I chatted with Florida Trump campaign coordinator Tony Ledbetter. Tony said 50,000 people showed up at a recent Florida Trump rally. I shared with Tony that when I attended a Trump rally in Daytona Beach Florida, I was struck by the extremely broad demographic of Trump supporters. I saw all types of Americans from black biker types covered with piercings and tattoos to distinguished well-dressed elderly whites and everything in between standing in line in the extreme heat hoping to get into the packed to capacity convention center.

This latest crap of NFL players protesting our National Anthem is yet another undeserved slap to our country's face; another reason why Trump will win. Americans have just plain had enough; tired of our country being dragged down; tired of our country being dissed and tired of America getting the short end of the stick.

I heard Trump's speech in Philadelphia. Every point Trump made regarding standing up for America sparked huge applause and cheers from his audience.

TRUMP: Early in my term I will also be requesting that all NATO nations promptly pay their bills, which many are not now doing.

TRUMP: Additionally, I will be respectfully asking countries, such as Germany, Japan, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, to pay more for the tremendous security we provide them.

These are just a few of many lines that won Trump wild enthusiastic applause and cheers from his audience.

Clearly, Americans want to see our country great again. For eight years, Obama has been giving away our resources, implementing his open borders policy and making decisions against America's best interest while casting all who complain as racist, selfish, and mean. Hillary, if elected, will surely intensify Obama's “keep America last” agenda.

Hillary has already begun her efforts to silence Americans who oppose her continuing Obama's anti-American agenda. Hillary outrageously attacked Trump supporters, saying half of them are a “basket of deplorables” made up of “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic” people. 

Thank God that finally we have a presidential candidate in Trump who stands up for America and Americans. Trump pushed back against Hillary's vile rebuke of Americans who simply love their country.

TRUMP: “Our support comes from every part of America, and every walk of life.” Trump continued, “She divides people into baskets as though they were objects, not human beings.” 

TRUMP: “Wow, Hillary Clinton was SO INSULTING to my supporters, millions of amazing, hardworking people. I think it will cost her at the Polls!” 

Folks, when was the last time you heard a Republican candidate defend traditional Americans; our convictions, principles and values?

While the Left hates America, a majority of Americans still love their country. For this reason, Donald Trump will be our next president of the United States.

Ah, a perfect excuse to promote my hilarious “Trump Train” music video. Enjoy, folks!

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American

Chairman: The Conservative Campaign Committee

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