Liberal Mother Pushes Her Little Son into Masquerading as a Girl

One of the characteristics of our declining civilization is that, more and more, reality seems like satire. A good example is a recent New York Times article titled “From He to She in First Grade.” Yeah, you guessed it, this is about another boy allowed to masquerade as a girl, aided and abetted by parents and teachers who belong in rubber rooms. In the piece, a Seattle resident (first red flag, as Seattle is Lib-nut Central) and aspiring author named Laurie Frankel writes about how her six-year-old lad ultimately “decided” to attend school in a dress. However, it’s plain that she and her capon of a husband — I get the feeling he’s sort of a non-entity “Yes, dear!” type — steered her son into a Made-up Sexual Status (MUSS), which some people call “transgenderism,” a term new enough so that my Word 2007 program still flags it as a misspelling. Frankel tells us that this MUSS adventure started when she and her...(Read Full Article)