It’s All Perry Mason’s Fault

The average American has a highly distorted liberal-biased view of reality as a result of the entertainment industry’s constant propaganda.

It’s all Perry Mason’s fault.

That very popular TV show taught America the lies that the average defendant in a criminal case was innocent and that defense attorneys only cared about the truth.

The reality is that most criminal defendants are guilty of something and defense attorneys are concerned about making money even if that means helping child rapists, drug dealers, and murderers get back on the street.

That doesn’t mean that everyone doesn’t deserve a fair trial, but by misrepresenting reality, Perry Mason softened American’s up for the liberal policies of the Warren Court that were based on the supposition that the police were constantly framing innocent people for crimes they didn’t commit.

Since then police shows have worked relentlessly to brainwash Americans into thinking that the real problems in America are malevolent cops, crooked businessmen, evil doctors, or perverted clergymen, not gang members, career criminals, prostitutes, or drug dealers.

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is the natural end state of the liberal media’s crusade to portray cops as bad and drug using/dealing gang members as good.

But tearing down the police and elevating criminals is not the only distortion of reality that liberal TV and movie moguls have been foisting on the American public for the last 60 years. The radical liberals in Hollywood have been intentionally distorting reality to make the black sheep look white and the white sheep look black.

In fiction, sleeping around leads to no adverse consequences, no long-term heartbreaks, and no hardening of people’s hearts. There are no STDs and few unwanted pregnancies in modern TV land even though people treat sex with less concern than they do deciding what to wear.

Massively promiscuous people are always shown to be wonderful in every way in modern fiction. Gays of course are always wonderfully loving and committed individuals whose moral behavior makes a mockery of the evil lives of religious people.

In reality, the massively promiscuous, gay or straight, are usually hard, selfish people due to the need to objectify others in order to rationalize their sexual escapades. They are also usually not anywhere near as carefree and happy in real life as TV portrays them, especially once they get older and less physically attractive. And TV acts as though gays get AIDS the same way that straight people get the flu and hence gays can’t be held responsible for their infection while smokers can be held responsible for their lifestyle-based illnesses.

By dramatically over-representing gays on TV the media is one of the prime reasons that the average American thinks that gays are a far larger fraction of the population than they really are. Gays, bisexuals, and transsexuals are about 2 to 3.8% of the population but the average American thinks that 25% of people are gay.

The media also send the message that no one cares about religion. Few shows have even one character that goes to church on a regular basis which subliminally conveys the message that no one thinks religion is important. Often, even when the character is supposedly religious, they’re never ever shown actually doing something religious.

Even worse the rare religious character is often shown to be a secret villain or at best someone who adheres to Hollywood’s hedonistic worldview. A recent show had a Catholic in the confessional saying she’d started living with her boyfriend; the priest said it wasn’t a big deal and that they, the Church, are working on that. Similarly, other shows with supposedly Catholic characters show them breezily adopting all of the modern views on sexuality without a qualm or a question.

The reality is that only in fiction can evil appear to be appealing. In fiction the writers can ignore the short and long term adverse consequences of evil. They can construct characters that are not really normal humans but rather rare anomalies or even beings so alien to common human nature as to have more likely come from Mars than Boston.

In real life, criminals don’t have hearts of gold and people who sleep around aren’t all happy and bushytailed, unless they’re sociopaths. Similarly, people of strong faith are far more likely to be found in a church or a soup kitchen than those who make themselves the center of their faith.

But the vast majority of people, consciously or subconsciously, assume that the characters they see on TV or in films are in some way representative of reality. especially since those characters are placed in what appears to be the real world. Perhaps that’s because most people are honest and don’t immediately assume that others are willing to tell blatant lies; the reason that people believe the lies the liberal news media is constantly producing.

Hence writers who share a common liberal worldview can, over time, shape the public perception of reality. As Vlad Lenin said “A lie told often enough becomes the truth”.

They can do so because most people aren’t close friends with out-of-the-closet gays, cops, or criminals. And even when they are people rarely share either the evil in their lives or the adverse impact that evil has had on them. Further the good guys, like cops and people of strong faith, rarely wear their good deeds on their shoulder.

As we have become more and more isolated socially, no sitting on the front stoop talking to our neighbors at night, we’re spending more and more time in the virtual reality of the modern entertainment “world”. We see over and over and over that it’s the respected businessman or the conservative clergyman who is the secret serial killer while the prostitute or the drug dealer really care about others.

Over time we often confuse the lies of modern liberal writers with reality. We think cops are evil and people of faith are uncaring. 

Of course, some resist but with the dumbing down of education in America we’re raising generations of Americans whose go to response is to feel, not to think. People who go with gut feelings or emotions in general are much less likely to see through the lies they are fed every time they turn on the TV or stream a show.

And all these lies support the liberal agenda.

If gays are better people than straights why shouldn’t they be married?

If divorce is better for kids it should be easy to get.

If cops are really bad it makes sense to put more restrictions on them.

If casual sex is cool why discourage it?

It’s time for conservatives to start specifically pointing out that the “reality” in modern entertainment is more fictional than the aliens in science fiction. 

Let people know that the irreligious give much less to charity than those who have an active faith. 

Proclaim that the vast majority of cops are good people who risk their lives to protect Blacks.

Shout from the rooftops that defense attorneys are people who make money ensuring that people they know are guilty of heinous crimes are released to commit more atrocities.

Declare that gays are dying of AIDS because of their chosen lifestyle.

Yell the truth that over 1,000,000 unborn babies are murdered each year because contraception doesn’t work and sex is never without consequences.

The motto of the California Institute of Technology is “The Truth Shall Set You Free” and it’s time that we embrace the truth and reject the lies that the entertainment industry is feeding us.

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