Islam and the West’s Death by ‘Freedom’

It can be a good thing to be idealistic. But you’d better make sure you have the right ideals. As to this, the modern West is quickly becoming something non-Western -- precisely because our ideals are now far less than ideal. It has often been noted that some among us use our freedoms to destroy our freedoms. George Soros, a real-life James Bond villain, comes to mind; other leftist entities such as the ACLU and Southern Poverty Law Center also qualify, as they sue Americans into shedding Americanism. Another example is a group they aid and abet: Muslim conquerors bent on winning the West for Dar al-Islam. And since this is not just an American phenomenon but a Western one, it has recently been addressed by a French academic -- in strikingly blunt language. Jean-Louis Harouel, professor emeritus of the History of Law at the University of Paris, recently criticized a French court’s decision to strike down a burkini (Islamic swimsuit) ban that had been instituted by...(Read Full Article)