Hillary's Health Hypocrisy

Hillary was too sick to stay at the September 11 ceremonies and had to be escorted away.  Her doctors have announced that she has pneumonia, which is in addition to the concussion that, we learned recently, meant that she could work only a few hours a day and often could not remember things that had recently happened.

The physical fitness of Hillary to be president is an important.  When our nation has had sick presidents like Wilson in 1919 or FDR in 1945, not only our nation, but the whole world has suffered dreadfully, but this is not specifically because of health problems directly.  Reagan was shot while in office.  Eisenhower had serious heart problems.  Both were older than most presidents as well.  But America knew about these concerns, and while not everything was made public, there was no campaign to hide the truth.

But Hillary hides everything, including the state of her health.  As always, the Clintons lie about everything that they can lie about and hide everything they can hide.  It is this aspect of her health problems, the pathological dishonesty and shadowiness, the very moral fitness of Hillary to be president, which is the second level of problems related to her health.

So when Hillary has uncontrollable coughing fits during speeches and interviews, when she stumbles and falls and has to be quickly ushered away from the public, or when we now – only now! – find out that she was only able to work a few hours a day, obviously Hillary is hiding and dissembling and faking facts with us. 

But there is a third level to the problems with Hillary's health and, as always, the utterly corrupting Bill Clinton is represented as well.  Republicans have called for Hillary to release her medical records, something she has refused to do.  Those who remember the sexual predation of her husband will recall that Bill and Hillary both hid their medical records from the nation two decades ago as well, although the problems for the Clintons then were likely that President Clinton had sexually transmitted diseases and that he had probably also infected the young women he preyed upon and, possibly, his wife as well.

Everything we know about Bill's sexual predation shows that he did not practice the sort of "safe sex" leftists insist we ought to teach our schoolchildren to follow – yes, I know, they ought to be chaste instead, but that's leftism deconstructing morality – and so Bill was doing as president the very things leftists scolded us for not teaching our children to do.

Hillary's health problems now, like Bill's probable practice of unsafe sex with numerous women while married to Hillary shows that Bill and Hillary do not practice what they preach.  What can we say about Hillary's health problems?  Well, because she is hiding all relevant medical reports and records, we can only deduce those problems that are obvious.  For one, Hillary is fat, and she would be, in fact, the fattest president since William Howard Taft more than a century ago.  Indeed, President Hillary might be the second fattest president in our nation's history if she is elected.

Bill was a plump president who ate too much junk food, though clearly he was not fat as Hillary is now.  The left wants to regulate what children can eat at school and what restaurants can serve customers, and the left lectures us incessantly about our duty to make "healthy choices."  We are harangued to eat less, exercise more, eschew sugars and fats, etc. 

Hillary is doing precisely the opposite of what she and other leftists angrily insist that the rest of us, we cattle of the state, must do: eat less and exercise more.  That, obviously, is the cause of or a strong contributing factor to her health problems.

Hillary's health problems reek of familiar leftist hypocrisy.  If she just did what she insisted the rest of us do, she would lose weight and be healthier, but leftists typically reject every aspect of the sort of healthy lifestyles that promote health. 

Donald Trump is clearly vigorous.  Romney, in deference to his faith, does not use tobacco or alcohol.  George W. Bush, out of love for his wife, quit drinking.  Reagan, well into his seventies, chopped wood and rode horses.  Without preaching, these Republican presidential candidates took responsibility for their health and were role models for healthy living. 

The hypocritical left – as Hillary's girth shows – never practices what it preaches and never leaves us models of good behavior.