Hillary's Hate Code

Hillary Clinton is an Alinsky disciple, going back to her Wellesley College days, fifty years ago, long before old age left its indelible marks on her.  Half a century ago, Hillary was thoroughly indoctrinated by first-generation feminist leftists, for four whole years, until she wrote her B.A. thesis in praise of Saul Alinsky and his Rules for Radicals.  From Goldwater girl to leftist radical in just four years.  

Alinsky's Rules for Radicals makes a major point of labeling "the enemy."  "The enemy," he preached, "is the middle class." 

That means you and me, guys and gals, all of us, regardless of creed, color, or country of ancestors.  Or LBGTQ status, or whatever deplorable basket the left wants to stuff you into.  Saul Alinsky was a political hatemonger who inspired a whole generation of leftoids.  Hillary is one of them.  Obama is another. 

What makes ordinary middle-class people "the enemy" is not our skin color.  Justice Clarence Thomas is a black man who has been viciously scapegoated by the left, ever since he was nominated to the Court by President Bush I.  What they hate so much about Justice Thomas is not his color.  It's his political stance as a stalwart constitutionalist.  What we love and celebrate about Clarence Thomas is exactly what they hate.  It's as simple as that. 

(For the hard left, "enemy" means exactly what "infidel" means to jihad.  Jihad and the hard left are war doctrines, plain and simple.)

If you think Hillary has mellowed in the half-century since Wellesley College, you haven't read her speech about Trump voters being "a basket of deplorables." 

For Hillary, "deplorable" doesn't mean what the dictionary says.  Nope: she defined her deplorables in her own words.  It's her new code word for "racists, sexists, homophobes, xenophobes, Islamaphobes, you name it." 

That means you – yes, you, the guy or gal who's reading these words. 

Hillary's "deplorables" are mass haters – people who hate not just one person at a time, but whole political categories of people.  Blacks, whites, Asians, Muslims, Jews, Unitarians, Michiganders, the whole lot.  Clarence Thomas is a deplorable black man.  He might even vote for Trump, and that tells you everything you need to know. 

This is what Hillary's Big Money Donors applauded, because they've been taught to think that way, too.  They all understand what she means.

When it comes to the hard left, which now constitute the core of the Democratic Party, you have to understand that they really, truly believe they are surrounded by mass haters.  Irrational ones, who hate because they are KKKers under the skin. 

Or maybe they are Nazi haters, but definitely not Communists, because in the fantasy world of the Hillary left, Communists are peace-loving do-gooders.  For the hard left, the only answer to alleged hatred is even more hatred. 

Get it?  Hitler said he hated the Jews – not because they were Jews, but because they had betrayed Germany.  In the same way, Hillary hates you not just because she needs people to hate.  No.  She hates you because you are evil, and there's nothing you can do to prove your innocence. 

Psychiatry has a word for those who think in "all good" (us) and "all evil" (them) categories.  It's called "Borderline Personality Disorder," (BPD) but maybe it should be called "Extremist Personality Disorder." 

BPDs often experience the world in extremes, viewing others as either “all good” or “all bad.” This is also called "splitting," since these people split the world into absolute good and absolute evil. 

Totalitarian dictators often show BPD, along with a toxic mixture of other sick personalities.  You could just call them "haters."  The psychological hypothesis why they hate so much is to stabilize their own impulses and defenses.  Like young children, BPDs see the world in terms of Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf.  That is all they ever see. 

Obama talks in code. Hillary talks in code.  The left does it just as much as jihad.  Words don't have their dictionary meanings.  The left and jihad create their own inner world – which is why it is impossible to reason with leftists.  Their minds are walled off from reason. 

Conservatives have a very hard time understanding leftism, ever since 1848 and the Communist Manifesto.  If we paid more attention, we would be able to stop them better.  Today, the Communist Party of the USA has officially endorsed Hillary for president, and you still think the Democrats are a mainstream political party?  Obama acts like V.I. Lenin, and you think he's Hubert Humphrey? 

We forget at our peril that the hard left always talks in code.  Words like "community organizer" are a play on the traditional words "Communist agitator."  (Look up the roots of those words, and you'll see). 

Hillary has followed Saul Alinsky's Rules ever since Wellesley College, then a hotbed of feminist male-hating rage and propaganda.  After four years of simmering in that bubbling cauldron, Hillary wrote her bachelor's thesis in praise of Mr. Alinsky. 

She is a lifelong Alinskyite just like Obama.  When you scrape away all the distractions, Hillary has a lifelong ideological enemy, and it's the American middle class. 

Obama has a nice, big smile.  Hillary looks like a middle-class lady.  That is not who they are, and you forget that at your peril.

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