Exposing 5 Little Known Facts about Islam Politicians and the Media Are Deliberately Concealing from You

“Here we go again” I thought as I read through media reports about the latest atrocity committed by a fanatic shouting “Allahu Akbar.”  This particular act of murderous jihad claimed two more young innocent lives in the name of Islam, British travellers Mia Ayliffe-Chung and Thomas Jackson.  Their only crime was to be in a hostel in Queensland, Australia at the wrong time. Despite the fact that the perpetrator, named as Sami Ayad, a “Frenchman” apparently, shouted what the media incorrectly call “an Arabic phrase meaning God is greatest,” police insist there’s no evidence showing he’d been radicalized or motivated by politics.  They didn’t go as far to say he’s suffering from a mental illness this time. True to form, the media is downplaying any connection to Islam.  Instead of accurately describing Ayad as a “French Muslim”, he’s portrayed as a “Frenchman.”...(Read Full Article)